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EFV-8 Club Forum / General Ford Discussion / slow crank

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Posted By Discussion Topic: slow crank

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06-12-2019 @ 12:44 PM
Posts: 1
Joined: Jun 2019
1953 Ford F100 239 Flathead... asking for a friend, who does not operate a computer!

it cranks super slow!It has been sitting for 10+ years~ New battery, cable, starter, solenoid, amp resistor... currently adding a ground wire...any suggestions for helping me get this running would be a dream! Thanks Tony

06-12-2019 @ 1:30 PM
Posts: 3569
Joined: Oct 2009
You have the symptoms of a poor ground. Did you replace both battery cables? If so did you use the correct size for 6 volt? Make sure that the motor is grounded to the frame and the body is grounded to the frame. Grounds must go to good clean metal.

06-12-2019 @ 5:11 PM
Posts: 6209
Joined: Oct 2009
Check to see if you can turn over the engine with a socket on the crank nut and a ratchet and all of the plugs removed. It should turn over with a moderate amount of force. If it takes a lot of force to turn it over with the ratchet, pull the intake manifold and squirt oil on the valve stems. squirt some oil in each of the intake ports and cylinders. Use a very light synthetic oil, 0W-10. Then crank the engine over a couple of complete rotations with the ratchet. Leave the spark plugs out.

When you can turn it over by hand with moderate effort, try cranking it with the starter. If it is still real slow, perform the following checks.

Check the battery for a minimum of 6.3 volts (turn headlights on for 30 seconds then off and then test battery), charge or replace if 6.3 v is not present.

Connect volt meter red lead to starter motor terminal and the black lead to the NEG battery post. Set voltmeter to a scale that will read 1 volt accurately. Crank engine with the ignition off, while reading volt meter. The reading should be 0.3 volts or less. If it is more than 0.3 V and less than 0.8 V, move the meter lead to the starter side of the solenoid and repeat the test. meter should now read 0.2V or less. If it is more than that check for corroded connections or an undersized cable. If it is more than 0.8V the starter may be bad, remove it and have it tested for current draw under load.

Move the red lead to the battery side of the solenoid and repeat the test. The max reading now should be 0.1V. If it is higher check the cable connections for corrosion or undersized cable..

To check the grounding circuit, connect the volt meter red lead to the POS terminal of the battery and the black lead of the meter to the starter case. Crank the engine and read the meter. It should read a max of 0.1V. Check grounding cables and the mounting face of the starter motor for corrosion or bad connections.


06-12-2019 @ 6:22 PM
Posts: 264
Joined: Oct 2009
Make sure the "new" cables are for 6v and are not more modern 12v cables.

06-13-2019 @ 7:06 AM
Posts: 580
Joined: Nov 2012
As trjford points out, it sounds ground related. I would remove all ground points and any electrical you can get to and use a brass wire brush and clean all the contact points. Cars that sit for a long period of time will build up corrosion in these areas.

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