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Current Club News

Summary of May 18, 2024 National Board of Directors Meeting

From the National Board

Jun. 14, 2024

Summary of May 18, 2024, National Board Meeting

Early Ford V-8 Club of America

Meeting was called to order by President Connie Hall at 10:05 am CDT by Zoom Conference call. Volunteer Staff Support member Dave Gunnerson served as acting secretary in the absence of National Secretary John Emmering.

Minutes of the February 17, 2024, First Quarterly Meeting were reviewed and approved.

The financial report by Treasurer Dave Rehor was received and approved.

Rick Claybaugh gave a report on possible future national meets. He reported that two regional groups have expressed interest in sponsoring a 2025 Western National Meet, one in California and one in Washington. Those groups were sent meet packets. There was the suggestion that the National Board could take a more active role in holding national meets. Michael Driskell, Dave Collette and Bruce Nelson volunteered to join Rick Claybaugh on a committee to evaluate holding a future national meet if a regional group does not come forward to sponsor one in 2025.  Rick added that at the time of the meeting there were 145 registrants and 90 cars registered for the Central National Meet in Auburn set for June 17-21.

Scheduled National Meets

Eastern National Meet, Clayton, New York September 15-20 sponsored by Mohawk Valley RG#59 and Western New York RG#3.

Audit Chairman’s Report: Audit Committee chairman Joe Valentino reported that the 1935-1936 car and truck books continue to be good sellers. Costs for the move of the inventory of books and accessories have been determined.

Membership Roster:  President Connie Hall announced that a decision on a new membership roster would be held over until the August Third Quarter Meeting.

Membership Update from Cornerstone: Dave Rehor reported that the current club membership is 6,089 after a loss of 219 members.

Website Report: Bruce Nelson , Website Administrator recommended dropping the sales of back issues of the V-8 Times on the website. He also mentioned that he has received requests from members for membership cards and suggested action be taken to issue membership cards once again in the future.

Accessory Sales Report:  The Board of Directors voted unanimously to accept Micheal Driskell’s company Third Gen Automotive, McMinnville, Tennessee to conduct book and accessory sales for the club, replacing Dave and Carol Rasmussen who are leaving the position. The change will result in dramatically lower storage costs. Details surrounding changes in book and merchandise sales will be posted on the club website.

Membership Report: Connie Hall reported that the membership committee has developed several ideas on how to increase membership. One idea is a program called “Follow the Car” where members would be able to offer a free digital membership to the purchaser of their Ford V-8 when it is sold. An expenditure of $300 was approved for printing up recruitment flyers to place into Early Ford V-8 vehicles displayed at car shows and cruise nights. Connie Hall will be the contact for the flyers when they become available. The flyers will be offered to regional groups who would like to get involved in recruiting new members upon request. Other ideas will be considered by the committee.

Treasurer Replacement: The Board voted to accept David Rehor’s resignation as club Treasurer. David explained the complex procedures of transitioning access to the club’s accounts to his replacement. Michael Stichter was unanimously voted in as the “Treasurer elect” and the transition should be complete by the end of the year.

Director Replacement: Discussion was held on proper procedure for replacing the vacancy on the Board of Directors when Micheal Stichter steps down as Northeast Director to fill the office of Treasurer.

Nominating Committee: Dave Collette, chairman of the nominating committee suggested names of possible candidates for future Director openings. The Board will be seeking candidates for Director of the Northwest, South Central, and California/Southwest 3 Regions.

Communication with Regional Groups: Connie Hall noted that there has been a problem with Regional Groups not sending in their Annual Director and Officer forms. Only about half of the Regional Groups have sent their forms in.

The Second Quarter Board of Directors Meeting was adjourned at 1:39 pm CDT. Next Quarterly Zoom meeting scheduled for August 24, 2024.


Submitted by John Emmering, National Secretary

Accessories Store is on the move and also temporarily closed

Jun. 10, 2024

The Accessories Store is on the Move and also temporarily closed

Starting June 10, 2024


For many years Dave and Carol Rasmussen have been our V-8 Club Accessories Staff.  They have decided that it is their time to retire and we can not thank them enough for all their time and effort running the store and dealing with all members and non-member purchases.

With the Rasmussen’s decision, the Board of Directors has worked out a plan to package everything up and move the V-8 Club Store to Tennessee.

This move will take place during the month of July of 2024.  For that reason, the V-8 Store will be unavailable during the move.

In the current issue of the V-8 TIMES, you will see messages on any Accessories ads that say the Accessory Store will be closed from June 1 to August 1, 2024.  We need to do this to make sure that orders are not placed.  The Online Store is also closed.

Once the store merchandise has been moved and inventoried, all orders will again be accepted, with deliveries starting around August 1, 2024.

While this is a major event for the Club, we hope that everything goes smoothly and we are back up and selling the Early Ford V-8 Club Accessories very soon.  Watch for the Accessories Store re-opening announcement.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and being a member.


Board of Directors

Early Ford V-8 Club


Corrections and Additions to the 1935 - 1936 Ford Model 51 V-8 Truck Book are now available

As supplied by author Dave Gunnarson

Mar. 29, 2024
Eighteen pages of corrections, changes and additions are now available on the web site.

You can review and print these pages out by clicking on Ford Information from the left side menu, and then clicking on Ford Book Additions & Corrections.


Regional Groups set to celebrate!

Anniversary Recognition Committee
Jan. 2, 2024


55 Years:

  •  RG # 14, Hudson Valley  (February 02, 2024)
  • RG # 15, Eastern Tennessee  (May 25, 2024)
  • RG # 16, Central Carolina  (May 25, 2024),
  • RG # 17, Central Delaware Valley  (May 25, 2024)
  • RG # 18, Puget Sound  (May 25, 2024)
  • RG # 19, San Diego  (July 13, 2024)
  • RG # 20, Northern Ohio  (August 10, 2024)
  • RG # 21, Long Island  (August 10, 2024)
  • RG # 23, Inland Empire  (October 04, 2024)
  • RG # 24, Georgia  (November 30, 2024)
  • RG # 25, Wichita  (November 30, 2024)

 50 Years:

  •  RG # 66, Narragansett Bay  (February 24, 2024)
  •  RG # 67, Dearborn  (February 24, 2024)
  • ·RG # 68, Hawk Mountain  (April 28, 2024)
  • ·RG # 69, Northern Indiana  (August 18, 2024)
  • ·RG # 71, Southern Texas  (December 08, 2024)

 45 Years:

  •  RG # 100, Bayou State  (April 28, 2024)
  • ·RG # 102, Norway  (August 10, 2024)
  • ·RG # 103, Northern New Zealand  (October 14, 2024)
  • ·RG # 104, Show Me  (October 14, 2024)
  • ·RG # 105, Greater Rockford  (October 14, 2024)
  • ·RG # 106, Derby City  (December 09, 2024)

 40 Years:

  • RG # 122, Big Country  (April 13, 2024)

 35 Years:

  • RG # 129, Palm Beach  (January 16, 2024)
  • RG # 130, El Dorado  (June 29, 2024)
  • RG # 131, Connecticut  (August 01, 2024)

 30 Years:

  • RG # 138, Northern California  (April 16, 2024)

 25 Years:

  •  RG # 152, Birthplace of Speed  (January 16, 2024)
  • ·RG # 153, Big Sky V-8  (January 16, 2024)
  • ·RG # 154, Maine Coast  (January 16, 2024)
  • ·RG # 155, Central New York Flatheads  (October 16, 2024)

 20 Years:

  • RG # 162, Montgomery County EFV-8  (April 17, 2024)
  • RG # 163, Upstate South Carolina  (July 24, 2024)

 15 Years:

  • RG # 169, Auburn Blue Ovals  (April 15, 2024)

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