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Frequently Asked Questions


A.Check out our Club Accessories and Books in our On-Line Store on this website.  OR  Order by Mail through contacting:  Dave Rasmussen, 1116 Austin Way, Napa, CA 94558   or  Email:  v8accessories@gmail.com  (checks/money orders only if you contact Dave Rasmussen directly)

Q.V-8 TIMES Display Advertising and Classified Ad submissions?

A.Send in to Shannon Olson, Editor, 350 Afshari Drive, Florissant, MO 63034  OR  Email:  v8timeseditor@gmail.net

Q.V-8 TIMES ARTICLE SUBMISSION? How do I submit an article?

A.Contact Shannon Olson, Editor of the award-winning V-8 TIMES magazine and submit your article and/or photos.  Email:  v8timeseditor@gmail.com     OR     You may snail mail info to:  350 Afshari Drive, Florissant, MO 63034

Q.FORUM LOGIN: How do I log in and post a question?


You must register for a Username and Password to get on the Forum (and Classifieds)  and post. Click on "Create a New Account" at the top of the home page. Register for a Username and Password. Then Log In.

Click on FORUM, then click on a topic: e.g. General Ford Discussion . . . and click on "New Discussion" to post a question.

See FORUM RULES for more.

Q.LOG IN TO WEBSITE: How do I change my Username / Password?

A.First Log In.  Then click on "Update Account."  A menu will appear.  Follow the prompts to Edit your Username / Password.

Q.V-8 TIMES Magazine missing or damaged. Who do I contact?


We strive to deliver the V-8 TIMES magazine in a timely manner and without damage.  However, we are at the mercy of the postal system and weather conditions, etc.  If your magazine has been damaged, notify Cornerstone Registration at Email:  registration@cornerstonereg.com, or call them at 763-420-7829. (toll free US only = 866-427-7583).   

IF your V-8 TIMES magazine hasn't arrived, notify us.  It is our policy to wait for 30 days to make sure it is not a Postal Service Delay, then a replacement copy will be mailed to you.

Q.LOGIN TO WEBSITE: Site is not recognizing my Username/Password?


If you already have a "Membership" username and password, and are attempting to login using those value, please know that they will not grant you access to the advanced features of this website.  Those credentials may be used only to login to the "Renew/Update Membership" area of our site, since membership information is maintained on a system separate from our main website.

To gain access to features such as the ability to post topics in our forum or to place classified ads, you must create a new account.  You may do so using the same Username and Password as with your "Membership" account; our system will let you know if those credentials are no longer available.  If so, you will need to establish a unique username/password combo for website access.

Q.CLASSIFIEDS RULES, Any restrictions or instructions?


CLASSIFIED RULES:  Users agree to these rules when using the Classifieds.

  1. Restrictions:  No commercial, business or Ebay ads please.
  2. POSTING AN AD:  You need to be Logged In to post a Classified Ad.  If you are not a member, you will need to Create a New User Name and Password first. Enter website and on the Home Page in the masthead area at the top of the page go to SITE LOGIN area and click on "Create a New Account" .  A menu form "Create your Login Credentials" will pop up and you will need to complete the blanks and hit submit.   Classified Ad Posting:  To place a Classified Ad, you log on to the website and on the Home Page, in the left-hand Menu column, click on "Classified."  The Classified Ad page will pop up.  In the upper right-hand corner there is a link "Submit An Ad."  Click on this link to submit a Classified Ad for sale or wanted. "Submit a Classified Ad" form will come up on the screen.  Fill in the blanks.  Be sure to select FOR SALE or WANTED, and also Automobiles, Memorabilia, Parts, or Tools and hit Submit to Preview.  After Preview, hit Submit again and your ad will go to the Website Administrators for review and approval.  Approval is usually within 24 hours.
  3. CAN I DELETE MY AD AFTER THE SALE?  You can go to the "Classifieds" and at the top you will see a tab to Manage Existing Ads.  Click on that and make the changes you want. To DELETE, simply click on the small "trash can" picture to the right.
  4. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR AN AD TO BE POSTED? It usually takes from a couple of hours to 24 hours.  We are notified, then review and approve the ads as appropriate.  This has dramatically cut down on the spam and porn that was being posted on our previous software.
  5. HOW DO WE PREVENT SCAMMERS:  Unfortunately, we cannot stop the scammers sending us strange or "bogus" offers.  Everyone needs to be careful in dealing with incoming offers to make sure the buyer is legitmate.  Be careful not to deal with anyone that seems suspicious, especially if they are from a foreign country offering more than your ad asks . . . and wanting you to send money back to them!  Be careful. 

Thank you.  If you have any questions, contact the Website Administrator.  See the bottom of the Home Page.

Q.ON-LINE STORE QUESTIONS: How do I find out if my order has shipped.


Email our staff at v8accessories@gmail.com OR call Dave or Carol Rasmussen at the phone number listed in the Contact Us section of this website. In most cases, orders are shipped withing 5 working days.

Q.V-8 TIMES SEARCHABLE INDEX: How can I find a specific article by key word?


Go to V-8 TIMES section in the Main Menu. Then click on Searchable Index. Type in the key words or topic you are looking for and the article information will pop up. NOT the article, but the information about where it was published: which V-8 Times issue and the date.
Then you can check your own library or ask in the Forum specifically if anyone has that V-8 TIMES issue. You might even be able to buy a back issue from the OnLine Store if it is still available. You would need to write to the v8accessories@gmail.com to ask.

Q.FORUM RULES: What are the current Forum Rules?


FORUM RULES: Users agree to these Rules when using Forum.

The site administrator reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the user agreement without prior notice to the user. It is the responsibility of the user to regularly review the terms of this agreement.

The user agrees to the following terms:

  1. All information that you provide to us for your membership is correct.
  2. You will not use your membership to spam, harrass, or exploit other members in any way.
  3. Vulgar, Abusive, Racist and Sexist Language will not be tolerated.
  4. Commercial-type sales postings will not be allowed.
  5. No mass posting or flooding of the boards is allowed.
  6. No Advertising of parts or cars; no Ebay or business/commercial ads (please use the "Classified" for ads Wanted or For Sale).
  7. VIEWING MULTIPLE TOPICS ON SCREEN:  You can choose to see more than 10 Topics at a time ... Log In and choose "Preferences" from the top bar on the Forum page.  Scroll down and Change the "Default Topics Returned" parameter to 25 or 50, and save the changes. Since this setting is stored in your browser 'cookies' (if enabled), it seems to use that stored value even if you are not logged in.  So, if you use a PC that you haven't logged into the forum from, the setting still seem to remain at the default. 
  8. EXTERNAL PHOTO LINKS ON FORUM:  You can still use external photo links in your posts on the new forum. They follow the rules of any link in that they have to have the URL link qualified down to the full image file name (example: .jpg). The links will open in a new browser window, the same as an uploaded image attached to a post. Since an image attachment to any post does not display inline with the post, the results are the same. You can use multiple external links within a post. This link is from photos on a site from Don Clink's 'Deuce@75' albums:


    Using links from photo sites such as Photobucket can help in "size" issue with uploaded attachment files. For best viewing in web browsers, photos should be around the 800x600 pixel range, and probably not more than 1024x768. Most cameras today store HUGE jpg image files, as the default settings are in the 7, 8, 10, and 12Mb image sizes. The image files that are then attached are very large, and the browser can't display the full image size without using the scroll bars. Use the re-sizing functions of your photo editing software to reduce the image to 800x600, which reduces the file sixe and the image load time in the browser. Don uses Google's free Picassa3 software, which is an excellent photo management product. All of the photo albums of the Deuce, Grand National, and Auburn that are links on the NORG site were built using Picassa's web creation functions. And it's free?  (THANKS to Don Clink for the info!)
  9. HOW DO I SHOW MY EMAIL ADDRESS ALONG WITH MY USERNAME?  You can LogIn on the Forum, and select PREFERENCES.  On this page Members can add optional information such as their City,State, Country; Occupation; Hobbies: list a Homepage; list AOL Instant Messanger Handle; Signature; "Make Email Address viewable to others;" and even change the number of Default Topics shown on a page.  WHEN others click on your profile, they will see this information.

Q.MEMBERSHIP LOGIN: How do I Login to the Membership area to join, renew or update?


The EFV8CA website and the Membership area operate using two different Login systems.  You MUST register in both areas to be able to utilize the services.  You may end up with two different User Names and Passwords.  Try to use the same for both, however there are no guarantees that someone else might have already used your favorite password or user name.

EFV8CA WEBSITE registration:   Click on "Create a New Account" at the top of the Home Page and follow the prompts.  This is a unique Username and Password to utilize the Forum and Classified sections.

MEMBERSHIP/CORNERSTONE registration:    Click on either the yellow box in the masthead  "Become an EFV8 Club Member today" or click on the Menu in the left margin of the Home Page "Renew/Update Membership."  Select the appropriate choice to join and follow the prompts.  PLEASE NOTE: that this username and password that you will set up is different from the Forum and Classifieds sections and unique to only the Membership Area of the website.

Q.LOGIN TO WEBSITE: How do I Log In to site?


Enter the website @ www.earlyfordv8.org.  On the Home Page look at the top of the page where it says "SITE LOGIN: User Name:_______   and Password: __________.  Enter your User name and Password and click on the ">" tab to the right of "password."

If you are a first-time user of this newly redesigned (10-1-09) website, click on "Create a New Account" in the masthead and fill in the blanks.  Follow the prompts and Login.  Please note that this Username and Password is unique and only applies to using the Forum and Classifieds sections.

NOTE: Our website has two different systems to set up Username & Passwords because we are using two different software systems.

  1. Username and Password for FORUM & CLASSIFIEDS, and
  2. Username and Password for the MEMBERSHIP AREA.

Q.MEMBERSHIP EXPIRATION: When does my membership expire?


Membership in the Early Ford V-8 Club is on a cycle. If you join in July, your membership is not due until the following July. The easiest way tell when your membership expires is the label on the envelope that your V-8 Times is delivered in. Right on the label is your membership expiration date. You may also ‘email us’ at registration@cornerstonereg.com about your membership renewal date.  You will receive an E-mail answer in a short time.

Q.FINDING NEARBY V-8ers: How do I find other V-8’ers or Regional Groups in my area?


Go to the REGIONAL GROUP DIRECTORY tab in the Main Menu of this website and click.  Lookup RGT's by state/city.  Also, as a member you will receive a Membership Roster with the March/April V-8 TIMES magazine.  This Roster lists all members in alphabetical order, by state, including their address, city/state, phone number and type of vehicle (unless they opt out of being listed).  It also lists Regional Groups, their address, city/state, contact and phone number.  We list the National Officers, Directors, International Representatives, V-8 Club Committee & Staff and past club Presidents.  Along with this information you also get the club B-laws, Judging Manual and the V-8 TIMES Index of Articles.

Q.NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL MEETS: When and where are the National Meets?


Traditionally, the Early Ford V-8 Club of America has three National (U.S.) Meets each year - Eastern, Central and Western. Every five years, one Grand National Meet is held. Although it has been held in one or more places, Dearborn, Michigan seems to be the most popular. The most recent one was the 55th Anniversary of the Early Ford V-8 Club, held in 2018 in Dearborn Michigan. You will find the most up-to-date information on the club website in Up Coming Events. Just click on the menu tab to find out more.

INTERNATIONAL MEETS:  Our International Meets take place each year and are a great place to get together and introduce yourself to fellow Ford V-8 enthusiasts from around the country.  Most events include swap mets and flea markets, tours, parties and of course our signature judging events.  We have meets in Australia, New Zealand, and Scandinavian Meets in Denmark and Norway.  Check our Meet Calendar section in the website for further details.

Q.V-8 RESTORATION: I’ve got a question about my V8 Restoration. Who do I contact?


If you' are in a Regional Group, that is the first place to start. The Club does have Technical Advisors for specific model years as listed in the V-8 TIMES and also on the Website under "Staff". Send your question to the Editor and note which advisor you would like to contact. Also, visit the Forum on the website and post your question to the membership. You will get results. One of the items that can be used are the club written books. You will find a list on them in the V8 TIMES and on the website On Line Store.  Check out the On Line Store for a complete list of books with cover photos, descriptions and pricing.

Q.V-8 MODELS / PARTS: I’m looking for a specific model V-8 and parts. Where do I find them?


The V-8 TIMES magazine classifieds, the club Website classifieds, Regional Group members, and Swap Meets and the Internet always have a lead for cars and parts. The advertisers in the V-8 TIMES also specialize in your specific needs. Also check out the Vendors and Friends page located in the Links on the club website. You can also place a Classified Ad in the website for your specific requirements. You can also look on ou website under Car Information, then click on Car Codes to find the different models.  Hemmings Motor News magazine is also always a good starting place to look - - even Ebay online.