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V-8 Soap Box Driver, Riley, Takes First and will go to Akron Ohio for the National Race and Celebration!

San Diego Regional Group sponsors Soap Box Derby Racer
Jun. 3, 2021
We want to share this with all members of the Early Ford V-8 Club. Congratulations to the San Diego Regional Group for building, maintaining and sponsoring Riley in her quest in the Soap Box Derby.

The Soap Box Derby has been held annually since 1934.  Originally it was a race of boy-built cars.

The first 1934 race was held in Dayton Ohio.  In 1936 it moved to Akron Ohio because of its central location and hilly terrain.

Each year, with the exception of the time around World War II, youngsters from all over the United States and several foreign countries have come to Akron with the racers they have built and driven to victory in their home towns.

The goals of the Soap Box Derby program have not changed since it began. They are to teach kids the responsible spirit of competition.

Before the race there was a Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and drivers were welcomed by three Teen-Age Princesses from surrounding towns and the Race Director Greg Fox.  Greg Fox made a terrific speech to the kids about the value of this small town competition and the chance to be recognized nationally.

Now days the cars are not built by the competitors, they are Pro-Built to be Just Alike.  Most are owned by The Kiwanis Clubs. The San Diego Regional Group V-8 Club owns and maintains our car and pays the entrance fee.

Scoring the races is complicated.  There are two lanes and a launch ramp with a connected release that sends both cars off at the same moment. It’s one car per lane for the length of the course.

Then the same two cars race again, but on opposite lanes and with their wheels exchanged to prevent any secret modifications.

Timers at the finish line relay times to the Race Director.

This process is repeated all day until all racers have had their runs.

The times for each run are recorded and added up as the day goes on.  The winner is announced at the end of the last race.

Trophies are handed out and the overall winner is told they’ll be going to Akron for Celebrations and the Big National Race for winners from towns all over the country.

But with all things these days, it takes funds to make things happen.  Riley and her family could use your help to get them to Akron Ohio and back -- hopefully with an even bigger trophy and recognition.  So, how can you support the initial effort of the San Diego Regional Group of the Early Ford V-8 Club?  John McClane has created a GoFundMe page.  

Here is the information:  Hi there, I just created a GoFundMe.  Please help me fundraise as a team member.  View and join the fundraiser here


About this fundraiser:

In her first year as a soap box derby driver, Riley (age 10) with the support and fast car from the San Diego Regional Group of the Early Ford V-8 Club participated in the Alpine Kiwanis regional race.  Showing her skills and determination as a competitior, she won the event and qualified for the First Energy All American in Akron Ohio.

If you are interested, please use the link above to donate.  

2021 Early Ford V-8 Club Regional Group Membership Contest

May 1 to August 1 2021

Just Announced! New for 2021!
Feb. 25, 2021


All National V-8 Regional Groups

Do you desire membership growth in your local Club?

Could your Regional Group use some cash for your treasury?


The Early Ford V-8 Club of America will sponsor a national Membership Drive starting in May with cash awards presented to the Clubs who grow their membership the most.  There will be classifications, by club size, and the three clubs who grow their membership percentage the most will be awarded money to add to your club treasury.

 Future details on this membership drive will be forthcoming in the January/February 2021 V-8 Times as well as information sent to your RG President.

 Please give consideration to this opportunity to grow our Regional Groups!

Regional Group Categories:

Small:      1-19 members

Medium    20-50 members

Large     51 + members

Contact: Connie Hall, 651 Corte Costano,  Camarillo,  CA  93010 for more information     pchcsh@yahoo.com


Regional Groups set to celebrate!

Anniversary Recognition Committee
Jan. 1, 2021


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