Topic: Air Line on Gas Gauge

jim1932    -- 03-24-2019 @ 5:22 AM
  Do you need to heat up the cone shaped fitting to get it on the gauge end of the air line? Or is my fitting too small?

3w2    -- 03-27-2019 @ 1:22 PM

Sorry for the delayed response. No, the small tapered fitting on the end of the air line should slip on and then soldered in place.

jim1932    -- 03-28-2019 @ 4:17 AM
  I must have distorted the line cuttilng it. Have to back up and try again.

jim1932    -- 03-29-2019 @ 5:45 PM
  OK are some fittings better than others? There is no way this copper air line will go into the ferrule

kubes40    -- 03-31-2019 @ 7:16 AM
  I can't answer your question directly of the '32 lines. However, the fuel lines for '40 that are supplied by Carpenter and others, while 1/4" diameter lines, are most often supplied with metric ferrules. Obviously, those are not "quite" 1/4" and require either a little sanding of the line or as I do, replace the ferrules with actual 1/4" pieces.
Might that be the issue you are experiencing?

Mike "Kube" Kubarth

jim1932    -- 03-31-2019 @ 7:01 PM
  Hmm..... didn't think of that.... will give it a shot.

S.Bardin    -- 04-01-2019 @ 11:09 AM
  Jim,I bought my air line kit from The Early Ford Store and the copper line slipped right in the cone fitting-no problem,then I soldered it.Here is a pic. Sheldon

jim1932    -- 04-01-2019 @ 6:17 PM
  Unfortunately the line was run when I got the car so I don’t know if it is the line or the fitting. I am not opposed to runnng a new line to get it right. Are ther bad reproductions out there?

S.Bardin    -- 04-01-2019 @ 9:53 PM
  I think all the vendors sell the same one.I bought the repo as a spare in case there was an issue with my orig .Haven't got the car on the road as yet.Is your fitting an orig?

jim1932    -- 04-03-2019 @ 4:30 AM
  The fitting is not original. For the price, I think I am going to get a new line with fittings. Always hard when you are dealing with reproductions you didn't buy yourself.

3w2    -- 04-04-2019 @ 5:02 PM

Is this a line that is separate from the fuel line or is it soldered to the fuel line over most of its length as original? If it is a soldered-together reproduction, likely it came from Mike McKennett (Restorations and Reproductions in Portland, OR) and I know from extensive experience with his combination fuel/air lines that they are correct to the originals, including the tubing o.d. and the fit of the fittings. That leads me to conclude that you a dealing with an un-soldered air line from supplier X and that perhaps you need to start over.

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