Topic: Detroit Lubicator carb issue

BRL3240    -- 06-10-2018 @ 5:29 PM
  Alright, I have a 32 Ford that I’ve run with a 94 ever since we’ve got it. I am taking it to Dearborn on Wednesday to try to get a Rouge award with it. Well, I have 5 Detroit Lubicators and I rebuilt one. I ordered new gaskets and made some. Made sure I picked the best parts from them all. I set float level at 1 3/16th’s, my doors move smoothly and everything seems correct. I put on car today, and it will not idle or run smoothly. I can jab the throttle and it will rev to the moon. I can hold the throttle half throttle and it runs but it’s a little rocky, if I slide my finger down the throat and push on the collar to open the doors, it smooths out but then dies off.
I am stumped, metering is done by the doors but it seems the spring is too strong, not weak? I have mixed and matched 3 different sets of metering doors, 2 different floats and 3 different float valves. I have made sure all float valves seal by turning carb upside down and blowing with no air leak.

Any ideas? I am going to Dearborn Wednesday, will bring all my parts and car if anyone wants to join me in this puzzle!!


Kenneth M.    -- 06-17-2018 @ 9:24 AM
  How did you make out?

Kenneth M. Stewart

BRL3240    -- 06-19-2018 @ 7:30 AM
  I put the Stromberg back on. Spoke to some guys who run DL all the time and they mentioned I may not have good vacuum with the manifold and at the base of the accelerator pump there is a valve that I did not clean out. I need a tool that has two pins on it to release the cover of the valve at the bottom of the accelerator pump shaft, does anyone know if anyone reproduces this? or even know what that tool is called?

Had a great time at the Meet, thank you to all who organized it and helped make it a success!



3w2    -- 06-20-2018 @ 6:05 PM

It is a K.R. Wilson tool (V-71) as shown in the photo below from Appendix 21 of the Club's 1932 Ford book. Its use is detailed in the September-October issue of the 1932 Service Bulletins, which are readily available inexpensively in reprint form.


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