Topic: Using Extrenal Photo Links in a Forum Post

donclink    -- 10-03-2009 @ 6:20 AM
  You can still use external photo links in your posts on the new forum. They follow the rules of any link in that they have to have the URL link qualified down to the full image file name (example: .jpg). The links will open in a new browser window, the same as an uploaded image attached to a post. Since an image attachment to any post does not display inline with the post, the results are the same. You can use multiple external links within a post. These links are from photos on my site from the 'Deuce@75' albums:

Using links from photo sites such as Photobucket can help in "size" issue with uploaded attachment files. For best viewing in web browsers, photos should be around the 800x600 pixel range, and probably not more than 1024x768. Most cameras today store HUGE jpg image files, as the default settings are in the 7, 8, 10, and 12Mb image sizes. The image files that are then attached are very large, and the browser can't display the full image size without using the scroll bars. Use the re-sizing functions of your photo editing software to reduce the image to 800x600, which reduces the file sixe and the image load time in the browser. I use Google's free Picassa3 software, which is an excellent photo management product. All of the photo albums of the Deuce, Grand National, and Auburn that are links on the NORG site were built using Picassa's web creation functions. Did I mention that it's free?

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lightflyer1    -- 08-29-2017 @ 2:17 PM
  Be advised that Photobucket (an image hosting site) has started charging $400 for using their service to post links to your photos. Many other forum sites have been messed up due to the existing links being broken and no more pics for the DIY or other help that has previously been posted. Please don't use Photobucket any more due to this.

efv8CofAAdmin    -- 03-28-2019 @ 7:33 PM
  You really do not have to use external photo links to post V-8 Forum photos.
If you have the photos on you PC or phone, you can just click on them and they will be uploaded.

Also, once your photos are in the discussion, click on the individual photo and it will enlarge in a new window. Click again, and the photo will return to the discussion.

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