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mjmarcos    -- 02-23-2019 @ 7:31 AM
  Does anyone have a pic of how the steering box mounts to the frame on a 34 model b truck. My father and I are in the process of putting an old truck back together and I’m having a hard time finding schematic or parts diagrams.
Any ideas would be appreciated or links to where I could find and info.

CharlieStephens    -- 02-23-2019 @ 3:48 PM
  The steering mounts to the frame with 3 bolts. All of the holes are there assuming you have the right parts (how about a photo?). The answer seems to be too straight forward, maybe I don't understand your question. Are you stopped at a particular point?

Do you have a pickup truck (built on the passenger car chassis) or a large truck? Since you said B and not BB I assume it is the smaller truck.

You should get a copy of the club's book on '33-'34 Fords. It is mostly about the passenger cars but much of the information is the same.

Put your general location and email into your profile, you can never tell how or when it will pay off.

Charlie Stephens

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mjmarcos    -- 02-25-2019 @ 4:45 AM
  attached is a pic of the steering box and how I mounted it. It seems like the linkage is not sliding on the spline all the way. does it look correct to you?

mjmarcos    -- 02-25-2019 @ 4:48 AM
  the truck is a small truck model B. I am in Lake County, IL.

Henry    -- 02-25-2019 @ 6:30 PM
  It looks like you have a V-8 as your engine, if so, you have a model 46 not a model B. The model B was a 4 cylinder. Any way, your mounting looks right. I have '34 pickup I restored and a photo of my pickup in the Galleries.

Feel free to E-mail about any other questions.

Midland, MI


mjmarcos    -- 02-26-2019 @ 6:36 AM
  thanks for the info Henry. So this truck is a model 46. Interesting. I'll check out your pics in the gallery. thanks again.

TomO    -- 02-27-2019 @ 7:06 AM

The NIRG of the EFV-8CA meets the 3rd Tues of the month in Arlington Heights. Come to a meeting and check us out. We have one member that has a museum filled with Ford trucks.

Here is a link to our website:


mjmarcos    -- 04-18-2019 @ 7:25 PM
Thank for the invite and the information on your club. I will also pass this on to my father who is retired and a classic car fan. He might have a chance to connect with your club.

CharlieStephens    -- 04-19-2019 @ 10:51 AM
  The Model 46 was commercial and was available either with a V8 or 4 cylinder engine. If you have questions please post them and NOT email them. This allows others to benefit from the information and also allows other people to see the answers and correct them if necessary.

Charlie Stephens

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