Topic: 50 Merc trunk light

Pete    -- 02-26-2011 @ 6:56 PM
  Recently acquired a very original 50 Merc Sport Sedan and am fixing the many little things that don't work. The interior trunk lid has a courtesy light that is supposed to activate when the lid is open. I cannot find a switch of any sort that activates the light. Is this a mercury switch of some sort or a mechanical button switch that I haven't located yet? Tested bulb and wiring up to bulb and don't know if I have to dig deeper for fuse or what ever.

39 Ken    -- 02-27-2011 @ 4:02 AM
  Did you turn on the parking or headlights first? I don't have the schematic but the trunk light most likely is powered through the light system. Ken

supereal    -- 02-27-2011 @ 11:25 AM
  The accessory trunk light that came with my '47 has a mercury switch built into the base, and was wired into the license plate light circuit. It worked with some persuasion, but I wouldn't trust it without a master battery shutoff switch to be sure it is off when the car is parked. The wiring to the light was crude, so I assume some owner, sometime, found the light and decided to add it to the car and tapped the nearest wire.

TomO    -- 02-27-2011 @ 4:33 PM
  My 1940 Mercury has the trunk light switch attached to the hinge. This was a stock item on Mercury for many years.

It is controlled by a mercury switch and powered from the light switch on the same circuit as the tail lights and rear license light. I would assume that your 50 Merc is the same. I don't have a wiring diagram for the 50.


47Monarch    -- 07-08-2019 @ 5:41 PM
  I have a47 monarch Canadian made with a similar trunk light mine doesn't work but it is wired to the park lights so they have to be on . Also look to see if the bracket has two holes they are for adjustment of the Mercury switch . I'm planing on hiding a switch to turn the light on .

56MarkII    -- 07-13-2019 @ 6:27 PM
  I have a 1950 Sport Sedan with the factory OEM white bubble trunk light and it always was connected to the park/tail light wiring. If the tail lights are lit it is on. I didn't realize this little white bubble light was factory until I got an accessory brochure.

56MarkII    -- 07-13-2019 @ 6:37 PM
  If you have somthing prehistoric looking on your rear package tray that is a factory rear speaker. Your trunk light should look like this.

RAND    -- 08-27-2019 @ 2:13 PM
  Nice original car 56Markll... Can you please do me a favor and measure the bottom of your steering wheel to the top of your seat cushion on your original car for me please? I think that mine may be over stuffed? I only have 4"s. Thanks in advance! Randy

56MarkII    -- 09-29-2019 @ 10:04 AM
  Sorry for the late reply!! I thought about that but as I posted to your other thread my seat is sat out with a blanket thrown over to hide the carnage and a rag packed in where the sponge used to be to pad the springs lol! Yes I have to get it re-upholstered! Is it sitting in the frame properly now that I see the cushion just sits in there?

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