sarahcecelia    -- 08-06-2019 @ 5:51 AM
  (1) Are all brake light switches the same thread size? In other words; can I buy one at the local auto supply?

(2) Are they effected by silicone brake fluid? (3) I heard Harley Davidson has a better one; No Harley dealer in town.

(3) Can I buy that Harley switch somewhere else besides the dealer?

(4) I understand the Harley switch reacts sooner; is that correct??

Regards, Steve Lee

trjford8    -- 08-06-2019 @ 7:18 AM
  You can buy the switch at the local auto supply store. Silicone brake fluid will affect the life of the switch. If you are using silicone fluid you might try a switch from Ron Francis Wiring or Painless Wiring. You might be able to buy a genuine Harley switch on e-Bay. Some say the switch holds up better than others with silicone fluid. I have no idea if it reacts sooner. When I use silicone fluid I use a mechanical switch and it avoids any problems.

sarahcecelia    -- 08-07-2019 @ 10:16 AM
  Thanks, got one at O'Reilly's for about $10.00 They had the 1940 in their listings, and it's an exact duplicate with NO SHIPPING COST!

Regards, Steve Lee

nelsb01    -- 08-07-2019 @ 11:51 AM
  Now the question returns to the brake fluid type that you are using.
If silicone brake fluid, go back and purchase another because the one you purchased will have a life about 20 months. (that being only driven 10 months of that time).
I currently have a $10 one in my 1949. And I replaced it again this spring. As mentioned, once silicone seeps past the seal and gets to the electronic part it's workability goes away--- it will still work if you use both feet on the pedal. But stopping that way scares the do-do out of your passengers.
I plan to try a Ron Francis one and make a small wiring adapter for the different connectors. I read the Harley forums-- and HD brake light switches seem to last as long sometimes as the $10 one you just purchased. Seems Harley is no longer making their own and some other country is and the silicone brake fluid gets into those also.

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40 Coupe    -- 08-14-2019 @ 4:39 AM
  beside the hydraulic connection there are many different electrical connections.

sarahcecelia    -- 08-16-2019 @ 6:00 AM
  Thanks for the info!

It must be true, because I switched to silicone in my 1940 convertible about a year, or year and a half ago, and the switch went bad recently!

I'll get one from one of the sources you gave me!

Regards, Steve Lee

sarahcecelia    -- 08-17-2019 @ 5:15 AM
  Can you please give me phone numbers for Ron Francis, and Painless Wiring??

Regards, Steve Lee

CharlieStephens    -- 08-17-2019 @ 5:40 AM
  Ron Francis Wire Works,, (800) 292-1940 , sorry I don't have the other one. Have you tried GOOGLE? Remember both of those companies are not into restored cars.

Charlie Stephens

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