Topic: 37 1-1/2 ton wheels and brakes

artworkphx    -- 06-24-2022 @ 2:07 PM
  Hello Enthusiasts,

Just joined and it doesn't seem like there is much activity in this forum. I have two 1937 1-1/2 ton trucks that are practically twins. I am hoping to restore one with the two.
As for the wheels I am torn on trying to reuse them or find replacements. After reading through other forums I am not sure if these are split rim (widow maker) or just locking ring rims. If they can be reused safely that is my preference. Any knowledge out there ?
Are there sources to rebuild the brakes with OEM? The truck is not going to be worked, just cruising and shows.

Any helpful info would be appreciated.

51504bat    -- 06-24-2022 @ 8:41 PM
  I'm no expert on widow makers but based on my experience with the 1940 1 1/2 ton trucks I used to own the wheel shown is not a widow maker. But if you post over on the Ford Trucks Enthusiast (FTE) forum
you'll get a definitive answer. There is a member there, truckdog62563 (as well as others) who knows all things big truck wheel related. This isn't to say you won't get the correct info here but you may a get a faster response over on the FTE. Great looking trucks.

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truckdog62563    -- 06-27-2022 @ 4:17 AM
  The original wheels are locking side ring style. Widow maker Firestone RH-5° style didn’t come on the market until around 1948, then were dominant on Fords up into the 1970s. If your wheels are undamaged they can and should be kept in service. I believe you might be the member over on FTE that brought up the use of tubeless wheels. If that is your desire the 22.5” version should be your target. The 19.5” style won’t clear the mechanical rear drums on your truck.

For other parts and tech guidance you can’t do better than a chat with Chuck Mantiglia of Chuck’s Trucks in CT. Stu

Edit - refreshing myself re-reading the FTE discussion, seems you have now abandoned the super single idea on the rear. Staying with your stock wheels allows you to fit tires appropriate to the truck’s vintage look and function without the risks of tire rubbing. Your stock wheels are either 3.75” or 4.33” wide and will handle 6.50” or 7.00” x 20” tires that will at max be about 35” tall. Much shorter than the 38” tubeless 9R22.5s. Stu
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artworkphx    -- 06-27-2022 @ 4:11 PM
  Thank you I will follow up.

artworkphx    -- 06-27-2022 @ 4:13 PM
  Thanks for the good info.

artworkphx    -- 06-28-2022 @ 8:27 AM
  More good info..........Thx Stu

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