Topic: Truck Auxiliary Transmission

Model51    -- 12-10-2020 @ 6:28 PM
  I'm rebuilding a 3-speed Watson model 48 auxiliary transmission. It did not come with the shift linkage and I'm wondering if anyone has one and can send pictures of the linkage. There are two sift rails. The upper has three positions and the lower rail has two positions. I've measured the distance from the case to the end of the shift rail for each position on each rail and figured out which combinations of positions match the Low, High and Pass-Through gearing. Any help is appreciated.

Since the Watson auxiliary transmission seems to be normally used for open drive lines, I am going to attempt to fabricate different input and output shafts to be able to mate with the transmission universal on one side and the torque tube cross-member connection on the other so I can use it in my 1935 157" wheel base truck. At this point, I think it can be done, but am not entirely convinced it will be successful or that I want to invest the time and money to make it happen. The goal is to have a higher final drive ratio to allow the truck to better keep pace with modern traffic speeds (with no load of course).

49fordv8f4    -- 12-15-2020 @ 12:34 PM
  I have a couple of photos of the shift linkage for my Brownie, if they would help, but I don't know how to post them here. When I rebuilt the 5531 Brownie for my '49 F4, I found some wear on the inside of the low and overdrive gears. They both turn free on the splined main shaft when not in use. When engaged they are locked to the main shaft to turn it. Both gears had been used extensively and had grooves worn in the bores from the splines on the main shaft. They did not turn smooth on the main shaft and made a terrible noise. I had to bush both of them with a hardened steel bushing to repair them. I don't know if the Watson could possibly have the same problem, but it would be worth checking while you have it apart.

alanwoodieman    -- 12-23-2020 @ 1:26 PM
  a few years ago there was a 40/41 former new york fire truck with a over/under and a different tandem set up. no one new anything about it but I do have some pictures

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