Topic: 51 ford F1 steering column tube

PeterFord    -- 08-07-2021 @ 3:18 PM
  How do I get the steering column tube out. I have the cover tube loosened but it won't slide off because it hits the ceiling of the truck. Do I have to remove the steering column? That seems to be a huge job.

trjford8    -- 08-08-2021 @ 5:52 AM
  Most likely you will have to loosen the steering box and allow the entire unit to drop down to pull the column. Why do you need to pull the column?

PeterFord    -- 08-08-2021 @ 11:13 AM
  I want to remove the covering tube to paint it. Also, I want to remove a floor plate (under the one you can see). The bracket that holds the column tube to the dash can't come off without removing the steering column. At present I have the tube uncoupled from the steering box which would suggest that you could pull the column up through the cab. Can't do because it is too long and hits the back of the truck cab. The other option is to remove the plate at the bottom of the steering box and hope to pull it out a few inches. don't want to monkey with the pitman arm though, etc. Can I open the plate and just push the column out a few inches, disengaging it from the worm? Many thanks

trjford8    -- 08-09-2021 @ 7:19 AM
  Taking the plate off the bottom of the box is not a good option. The shaft may or may not drop down. Removing the pitman arm and unbolting the box to drop it down is the better option in my book.. You might post this question on the Fordbarn to see if there are any other suggestions. I can tell you that on the early Ford pickups(47 and older) the only option is to drop the entire box.

37RAGTOPMAN    -- 08-18-2021 @ 9:50 AM
you might have to remove the rear CAB window to get the steering column tube without removing the whole steering column out,
my 2 cents 37Ragtopman Maine

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PeterFord    -- 05-10-2022 @ 1:55 PM
  I had to do this,. It is a real design flaw. The US Army caught up with this in the Korean War era and advised Ford to redesign. Ford designed everything with assembly in mind, and gave less thought to disassembly.

I was able to loosen enough bolts at the bottom to somehow get the thing out through the cab, but it took a lot of twisting and turning. Peter

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