Topic: ID'ing Part

38 1 Ton    -- 01-13-2021 @ 5:13 PM
  I am restarting a restoration begun 40 years ago with my father. I need help ID'ing this part. I have been told it might be 81Y-5115 Spacer (frame side member) Rear. I need pictures how to install too. Thank you all!!

trjford8    -- 01-14-2021 @ 7:21 AM
  A photo would help.

38 1 Ton    -- 01-14-2021 @ 8:52 AM
  I tried to do that and could not find a mechanism for it. How does one do that? Thank you

efv8CofAAdmin    -- 01-14-2021 @ 11:12 AM
  You have found a problem -- and the web hosting company is working on it.

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The ability to attach photos to this discussion has been fixed.

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