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53Mercury    -- 12-10-2015 @ 3:43 PM
  On the original 53 Mercury were the water pumps painted the same color as the engine? Also, where can we get good engine paint that will with stand the heat and not peel and flake off around the carburetor?

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TomO    -- 12-14-2015 @ 9:44 AM
  I suggest that ypu get in touch with Doug Schull, the Club's 52 and 53 Adviser.

I remember my 53 engine being painted a darker green that the 51 engine, but all of the literature that I have show the 52 and 53 Mercury engines painted an orange color with the water pumps painted a bronze color.

Doug does not post very often on this forum, so you would be better off trying to contact him through the address given in the V-8 Times or the Roster.

Bill Hirsch makes the best engine paint, but the combination of gasoline and high temperatures will discolor any paint by the carburetor. You can block your heat risers to reduce the heat, but your mileage and cold engine performance will suffer slightly.


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