Topic: 32 headliner material

MICHV8    -- 08-07-2022 @ 7:17 AM
  I ordered samples from Ecklers (Cartouche) and their authentic headliner material (called A810) is not a "fuzzy" cloth. It has a flatter and harder feel than their non-authentic for 1932-1936 ( called A812) which has a softer/fuzzy feel to it. Is A810 closer to correct than A812?

BTW, their authentic seat/panel material (31 x 1) has a slight green hue to it versus their authentic 1935-1936 authentic (30 x 3) which is a more dark brown...

3w2    -- 08-09-2022 @ 12:04 AM
  it's difficult to answer your questions without having the material samples in hand as you evidently have.

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