Topic: Lost keys

Old Corps    -- 06-30-2022 @ 4:22 PM
  I have my Grandfathers 1933 Fordor and lost the keys within the last couple of years. Can someone tell me the best way to rekey the car?

trjford8    -- 07-01-2022 @ 7:21 AM
  The best method is to remove the door lock and ignition lock and that will get you the lock # to have new keys made. This can be a little bit of a challenge as removing them may not be easy. The door lock is held in by a set screw that is in the inner door jamb. Look for a small hole in the jamb that lines up with the lock. The set screw is in a steel tube and is removed with a small screwdriver. Use something like PB Blaster or Superzilla (seen on TV) to lubricate the set screw before attempting to remove it. The ignition lock needs to be removed from the steering column and you will need to drill out the set pin on the bottom of the column just below the lock. You might first try to drill a small hole in it and then tap the hole for a slide hammer. Use the slide hammer to pull the pin out. Before going to all this work ask grandpa(if he is still alive) if he had any extra keys hidden in the car or house. If Grandpa is now gone check all the places in the car where spare keys might be hidden. Many times spare keys were hidden in the engine compartment in a small square magnetic tin or tucked in the frame rails. Come back here if you have more questions.

3w2    -- 07-03-2022 @ 8:07 AM
  If the car is highly original, there is a good chance that the lock cylinders are the same ones that the car was built with back in 1933. That means that the door lock cylinder and and ignition/steering column lock cylinder used the same key and that you do not need to remove them both to ascertain the key code which is stamped into the side of the lock cylinder. It is by far much easier to remove the door lock cylinder with simple tools than it is to remove the ignition/steering column lock cylinder whose retaining pin must be drilled out from behind for its removal.

Once you know the key code, a new key can be cut by someone who knows the codes and has the correct cutting equipment. Obviously they will have to be able to provide the right kind of key blank to cut. 32phil on is my recommendation for that valuable service. His cell phone number is (845) 551-5132.

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