Topic: original heater?

MICHV8    -- 06-17-2022 @ 10:40 AM
  Removed it a couple years ago to do some wiring and it had been disconnected sometime in the past. Is it an original? It has no electrical component so I assume the fan turns on engine vacuum?

carcrazy    -- 06-17-2022 @ 12:53 PM
  What kind of car, make and model, did you remove this heater from? Looks like it must be some kind of aftermarket unit.

MICHV8    -- 06-18-2022 @ 6:02 AM
  32 5W

3w2    -- 06-18-2022 @ 7:15 PM
  Aftermarket and judging from the design, upwards of 20 years after 1932.

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