Topic: 32 seat back removal

MICHV8    -- 06-16-2022 @ 7:29 AM
  My original back rest is splitting at the seams and I found an upholstery shop that will take a look at repairs. My problem is getting it
removed from the seat frame. I actually crawled into the trunk (with the trunk lid and spare still on the car...put THAT on your bucket list!)
and thought that if I removed the lower tacks and vertical wood screws, it would release. Well after an hour of contortions, I found that my solution was not the answer. I can rotate the back rest up from the inside (with seat cushion removed), but the material is somehow connected to the frame at the package tray area. Anyone have some guidance?

trjford8    -- 06-16-2022 @ 7:55 AM
  Usually the back rest has some "hidem welting" along the top of the seat for trim. It is tacked or stapled on. Open up the welting to expose the tack or staples and remove them. There will probably some tacks or staples under the welting also. Remove those and the cushion should come out.

MICHV8    -- 06-16-2022 @ 8:54 AM
  Thanks trjford8
I climbed back in after releasing the seat frame from the floor pan supports and was able to pull the whole seat frame forward which gave me a good view of the are where the fabric attached to the seat frame. It looks like 2 pieces attach to the wooden seat frame...a short vinyl looking piece that appears to be meant to move with the seat adjustment and the actual back rest fabric...back in I go...

trjford8    -- 06-17-2022 @ 7:04 AM
  The short vinyl piece can be removed from the back part of the seat and left attached to the package shelf. That vinyl piece is there to keep things from falling down on the floor from the package shelf.

MICHV8    -- 06-17-2022 @ 10:35 AM
got it out, but not a pleasant task on a hot day. thanks for your help

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