Topic: 1932 Canadian Ford

tsebdor    -- 02-27-2021 @ 5:00 PM
  Where do you find the VIN on a Canadian built 1932 Ford 5 window coupe?

3w2    -- 02-28-2021 @ 4:01 PM
  It should be stamped on top of the chassis frame rail on the left side near the front of the foot of the firewall and on the transmission bell housing if originally a V8 or on top of the flywheel on a raised flat area on the left side if originally a four. Many Canadian Fords of the period also have it stamped on the firewall on the right side. If originally an export to South Africa, instead of on the left side frame rail, it often was stamped on the right side frame rail.

If a originally a four and it still has its original engine, some were stamped on the engine block on the left side at the top center of the cylinder block.

If you were to remove the body from the frame, the number with or without its alpha-numeric prefix would appear half way back on top of the frame rail and then again on top of the outer frame rail in the area above the rear axle.

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