Topic: 1932 rear bumper brackets

oconrad32@gmail    -- 12-12-2019 @ 7:00 AM
  If I remember right there is a difference between early and late rear bumper brackets. Which one raises the bumper and which one lowers it? I think I have one of each and that is why my bumper is higher on one side than the other.. Can someone enlighten me?

CharlieStephens    -- 12-12-2019 @ 6:30 PM
  The November 1932 Ford Service discusses the change "...raising the rear bumper approximately 1 3/4 inches - thus affording increased protection to the rear of the car."

Charlie Stephens

oconrad32@gmail    -- 12-13-2019 @ 6:12 AM
  Thanks for the quick response.

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