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tommymdot    -- 12-04-2019 @ 3:32 PM
  I recently purchased several NOS 1932 Ford front and rear fenders. One of the left front fenders has a strange hump on the hood shelf (see photo) This hump is not a dent and was obviously part of the original stamping. I looked in the 1932 Rehor restoration guide, and there is no mention of this feature. Can anyone tell me the purpose of this hump? The latch holes in this area are rectangular, but the other set of latch holes are round as one would expect.


3w2    -- 12-04-2019 @ 5:24 PM
  Sorry to be the bearer of possibly bad news, but the fender in your photo is for a '33-'34 pickup and panel delivery (112" wheelbase). The bulge stamped in it is to provide clearance for the round-headed rivet heads on top of the frame rail for the front cross member (unlike on '32 frames where flat-head countersunk rivets were used for that purpose). The location of the forward hood latch attachment holes is not only slotted, but located outboard compared to the location of those holes on a '32 fender as is the hole further forward for the attachment of the fender to top of the frame rail.

CharlieStephens    -- 12-04-2019 @ 6:04 PM
  They look close but don't try to make it fit. Sell it to someone that needs it or trade it for what you need. It is more than just removing the hump. If I remember correctly the headlights are in a slightly different location and the contour at the front is slightly different.

Charlie Stephens

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tommymdot    -- 12-05-2019 @ 5:10 AM
  Wow! Thanks for the good information and the quick response. I do not need the fender and will sell it as a '33 '34 Pickup fender. Hopefully, someone can benefit from it.

I also have a NOS pickup rear fender. I believe it is a '32. Is there a way I positively identify it?

Thanks for your help - I really appreciate it!

3w2    -- 12-05-2019 @ 1:42 PM
  The difference between '32 and '33-'34 pickup rear fenders is much more subtle. If you could post a photo of the bottom front of the fender where it attaches to the running board and frame side rail, likely what you have can be identified.

tommymdot    -- 12-05-2019 @ 3:41 PM
  Here is a photo of what I think is a '32 pickup fender.

Thanks again

3w2    -- 12-05-2019 @ 6:08 PM
  Your thinking is correct, it is a '32 pickup rear fender. The telltale difference between '32 and '33-'34 pickup rear fenders is the equal spacing of the holes for the attachment to the running board on a '32 fender plus the more subtle difference in the size of the adjacent added section that abuts the frame rail. The photos below are of a NOS left side fender from the Club's "1932 Ford Book....".

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tommymdot    -- 12-05-2019 @ 7:31 PM
  Thank you for your expert help!

3w2    -- 12-06-2019 @ 2:55 AM
  You're welcome!

tommymdot    -- 12-08-2019 @ 11:37 AM
  I just noticed that the '33'34 pickup fender has what appears to be part of the flange cut away. Should the fender have this cut away?

Thanks again.

3w2    -- 12-08-2019 @ 11:46 AM

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