Topic: The new 1932 Ford book.

32wetzel    -- 10-09-2009 @ 7:00 AM
  Yesterday I went to the 2009 AACA Eastern Division National Fall Meet at Hershey, Pa. My first stop was at the tent of Roy Nacewicz. We were talking about the new 1932 Ford book by David G. Rehor. Roy said "There's Dave right now". I had been corresponding with Mr. Rehor for the last twelve years with questions about about my '32 Model "B", but I had never met him. I asked him to sign my copy of his book. If you have an interest in 1932 Fords this is the best book on the subject.

Ronald M. Wetzel.

ford38v8    -- 10-09-2009 @ 8:50 AM
  Ronald, Mr. Rehor is, as they say, "A legend in his own time". David
authored the first book published by the club, a thin book on the same
subject, '32 fords, and had been working on the current 2 volume set of
books ever since. In David's own words, it was his "life's work".

By way of introduction to the flathead era of Fords, these books top
anything else you could read. I consider them a prerequisite read for
anyone considering delving into the restoration/preservation of a Ford of
that, or later Ford cars: To read the books covering both before and after
the (model year) car you are working on can give you a perspective of
Ford Methods and the progression and evolution of required mechanical
changes in production beyond the written word, actually to the point that
you yourself become something of a Ford expert. It is this acquired
knowledge that enables you to understand and appreciate your Pride and
Joy more than you could have imagined prior to your reading them.


jerseyboy    -- 10-12-2009 @ 5:39 PM

I too stopped by Roy's tent on Friday. I said hi to Dave and had a few
questions. Both Dave and Roy have been a big help in the restoration
of my wagon. Dave and Roy were also gracious enough to spend some
(a lot) of time ay the Eastern meet answering my questions. I have to
get Dave's book so he can have some peace.


PS Thanks Ron with your input on the fuel and exhaust systems. I wish
we could have met at Hershey.

Jays32    -- 10-19-2009 @ 5:39 PM
  I, too, bought the book, have been corresponding with Dave Rehor for many years and also met him at Hershey several years ago. He has been extremely helpful to me with my '32 and the great book just tops it all off.

Jay Friedman

X38    -- 11-01-2009 @ 3:29 AM
  Just finished reading it cover to cover. Fantastic.

rumblegutz    -- 12-04-2009 @ 8:53 AM
  I’d like to buy the book and have been trying but get an error message that says the webmaster has been notified and a correction will be made soon, try again. Several attempts have only resulted in frustration. Called the Minnesota number only to be referred to Dave Rasmussen. Called Dave only to reach an answering machine. Looking around the web site it looks like Dave only takes checks and money orders. So I have to hope the web site takes plastic and what ever the problem is they sort it out soon.

Getting frustrating as Christmas is coming and time is looking short.

Bud 32B    -- 12-04-2009 @ 12:09 PM
  I just signed up for this site last night and was able to order the book too. I have looked at a friend's copy and can't wait until mine arrives.

Had no trouble ordering on line

efv8    -- 12-05-2009 @ 9:18 AM
  To Rumblegutz. Sorry you are having problems ordering the '32 Ford Book Dan. I hear you have spoken to Dave Rasmussen on the phone and got your order through. You should not be having problems with the OnLine Store. We are following up with the Webmaster to investigate. Perhaps you hit an incorrect key. We are all volunteers,and we try to do our best. By the way, we take VISA and MasterCard through the online store. You must have been looking at the ad in the V-8 Times when you stated we only take money order or check. Hope you get your book by Christmas!
Margaret Connelly, Website Admin.

efv8    -- 12-05-2009 @ 12:56 PM
  Kal, I'll be checking with the webmaster on this one. Don't know what this would be. If you scroll up in this topic, you'll see two others are printing out the same!!?? Margaret

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ford38v8    -- 12-05-2009 @ 8:53 PM
  Margaret, I use a PowerMac, OS X 10.4.11. I asked the same question on the Welcome thread, and John replied that he'd ask
the webmaster.


P.S. ~ I just now figured it out! The window we type in is expandable both up and down and left to right. Drag the bottom of the window to
the right and it should print out correctly.

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Stroker    -- 12-06-2009 @ 6:41 AM

Thank You! I've enjoyed the discussion, and I believe some of the answers merit being pasted in
my new 38-39 Book when it arrives. I agree that Gary leaves some things to our interpretation.
What I respect is that he doesn't re-write history or speculate. I also want to specifically
thank Alan for giving me more column width to ramble in by bringing the little "dart" in the
lower right hand corner to my attention. Now I just need to find an appropriate aluminum
manifold. Thanks Again!

efv8    -- 12-06-2009 @ 8:55 AM
  Al, regarding the width of the column when replying . . . thanks for the info! I'm glad this fix is working for people who see it! On my computer I can't seem to drag the window. It is fixed, but comes out "wide" when I reply.
NOTE: Let's please try to keep comments in this discussion to the "1932 Ford Book." Thanks so much! Margaret

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