Topic: View More than 10 Topics at a time

efv8    -- 10-19-2009 @ 2:08 PM
  You can choose to see more than 10 Topics at a time ...
Log In and choose "Preferences" from the top bar on the Forum page. Scroll down and Change the "Default Topics Returned" parameter to 25 or 50, and save the changes.
Since this setting is stored in your browser 'cookies' (if enabled), it seems to use that stored value even if you are not logged in. So, if you use a PC that you haven't logged into the forum from, the setting still seem to remain at the default.
Try it.
EFV8CA website administration

efv8    -- 10-20-2009 @ 10:47 AM
  This is a GREAT feature. Try it!

coftbird    -- 10-22-2009 @ 9:29 AM
  Thanks - I was getting tired of the 10 topic page and greatly appreciate the ability to change.

mac    -- 10-22-2009 @ 1:53 PM
  You are welcome.
Hope others try it too.
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bsa_bob    -- 01-15-2010 @ 11:42 AM
  Just joined this group if thats ok?I have two steel 32 ford coupes. a 50 mercury, and a 49 ford convertible.

jerry.grayson    -- 11-06-2010 @ 6:33 AM
WOW, that is a nice 32!!!!!!!!!!!!

unclemark    -- 12-26-2015 @ 1:23 PM
  Is there a way to add more than one photo at a time? I use the choose file button but it replaces the first one with the next one.
what am I doing wrong here?


41 panel & 41 1.5 platform

TomO    -- 01-02-2016 @ 9:25 AM
  See the post "using external links to post photos."

That is the only way to post more than one photo per post.


arschultz2    -- 05-19-2016 @ 2:23 PM
  How do you remove the knob from a 1940 Ford headlight switch?

village grande    -- 03-12-2017 @ 1:55 PM
  My 51 has a spring loaded button on the bottom of the switch. hard to get to but your's may have something similar. push in button and pull out shaft.

efv8CofAAdmin    -- 03-12-2017 @ 4:43 PM
  You are posting in the wrong area --- create a new discussion please.

Web Administrator

keith oh    -- 08-30-2018 @ 5:59 PM
  Heat the knob with a heat gun until you can just barely touch it and pull it off. Don't overheat it.

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