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Ttnc    -- 08-08-2022 @ 2:24 PM
  New user here. Have a 47 Merc Coupe and it needs the starter button on the dash changed. Is there a specific size wrench or socket that will work to loosen it or is there another way to do this?
Thanks in advance.

1942deluxe    -- 08-08-2022 @ 4:48 PM
  Should just push out from behind or use a small screw driver in the front to pop it out. If you look at your new starter button I think you'll get the idea.

JayChicago    -- 08-09-2022 @ 12:03 PM
  Welcome, Ttnc. Glad to have you with us.

As said above, switch just pushes out from behind. But it can be difficult to do. Is held in by two spring loaded ears on the sides of the switch. You need to compress those ears, then it will slide thru the hole in the dash. My fingers weren't strong enough, so I squeezed with pliers. But that ain't easy either, cuz there's little room to maneuver a tool back there. (disconnect the wire first. Is a bullet terminal on the wire, and a spring loaded catch on the switch terminal)

BTW, the reproduction switches on the market are notorious for not working. The switch needs good ground contact with the metal dash panel, and the repro switches don't seem to do that very well.

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nelsb01    -- 08-09-2022 @ 1:51 PM
  Also --- Disconnect the battery -- before trying to remove it

kubes40    -- 08-09-2022 @ 6:47 PM
  Also, reproduction buttons are CRAP. I'd like to state that in a gentler way but well, they are CRAP.
Find a NOS one on eBay. You will be far better off.

Mike "Kube" Kubarth

marko39    -- 08-10-2022 @ 7:06 AM
  Mike is correct. New one I bought stuck ON the second time I pushed it! Found an old one on eBay and it works fine.

37RAGTOPMAN    -- 08-10-2022 @ 11:31 AM
  hi Ttnc
try SOUTHSIDE OBSOLETE in MINN, 1 507 332 6789
Fred might have,
my 2 cents 37Ragtopman

this REPRO C--P is for the birds, I try to buy original parts, when I can, they fit and WORK CORRECTLY

supereal    -- 08-20-2022 @ 11:25 AM
  The original starter buttons depended on a good ground between the "ears" of the switch, and the metal of the dashboard. We solder a ground wire to one of the ears and connect to a solid ground. The circuit allows the solenoid to operate by permitting the solenoid to "pull". Be sure that the connections at the solenoid are clean and tight. The switch goes to one of the small terminals on the solenoid, the other to a non switched battery source.

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