Topic: Newly discovered engine

Mikesv8    -- 01-14-2022 @ 3:45 PM
  Hi all! This is my very first post.I have acquired an early model ford flathead v8 that was used as an emergency fire pump.It has only 102 hours on engine.Has 59a b on head and
looks like b4 833 on bell housing.24 studs.has a general power take off on it.any info would be appreciated

alanwoodieman    -- 01-14-2022 @ 6:20 PM
  59ab is a 46 to 48 , would like to see more pictures, carb and governor under it, date on tag attached

Mikesv8    -- 01-14-2022 @ 6:38 PM
  new pics

Mikesv8    -- 01-16-2022 @ 6:03 PM
  anyone know the value of this engine?Probably just sell it.

alanwoodieman    -- 01-16-2022 @ 6:41 PM
  how long has it been idle? does the engine run? turn over? stuck? location? around here (sc)if the engine is not stuck and show some good signs the block alone could be worth $300 up, if it turns over more, if you pull the heads and check for cracks it could be even more but also could be less if cracks are found, like it could be just scr*p iron, sort of like shooting cr*ps!!

Mikesv8    -- 01-16-2022 @ 7:03 PM
  turns over easily.oil looks good.thanks

alanwoodieman    -- 01-17-2022 @ 4:52 PM
  pull the spark plugs, put some oil in the cylinders spin it over with a battery and see if it has compression, maybe fit an oil pressure gauge to it--could be a very good engine--general location ?

Mikesv8    -- 01-17-2022 @ 5:01 PM
  it turned over freely but i went ahead and sprayed fogging oil in cylinders.i have control panel that went with it with an hour meter of 102 hours.its been inside a building and not run for around 10 years.i spun it by hand and can feel compression.i will have to get a 6 volt battery to test or would a 12 volt work for short bursts?

alanwoodieman    -- 01-17-2022 @ 7:35 PM
  12 volt for short burst will work

FordFreak    -- 01-17-2022 @ 7:39 PM
  Welcome aboard !

1937 Ford Coupe
1952 Ford F1 Pickup
1965 Falcon Sprint

Mikesv8    -- 01-18-2022 @ 4:48 PM
  Thank you Sir!

Mikesv8    -- 01-18-2022 @ 4:56 PM
  Here is some pics of hour meter and motor miles meter.

alanwoodieman    -- 01-18-2022 @ 6:09 PM
  in military/industrial jargon, each hour is the equivalent of 60 miles. I was responsible for several diesel generators/fire pumps during my time in service and I always felt sorry for the wear caused by full throttle cold starts! Used to make me cringe, as I was the one who had to rebuild them. Still cringe and that was over 50 years ago.

Mikesv8    -- 01-19-2022 @ 2:16 PM
  what would be good considered "good" compression on the 59ab engine?

alanwoodieman    -- 01-19-2022 @ 4:22 PM
  cold 80#
hot 120#

better if all of them are close to the same #,s be sure to hold throttle wide open, all plugs out, a little oil in every cylinder

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