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sarahcecelia    -- 02-28-2021 @ 8:23 AM
  My '50 sedan screw has no lock washer on that screw, Can that screw be taken out to install one?? I don't want to take it out if something is going to fall into the gear box; I think the answer is YES, it can be taken out to put a lock washer on it,; but the old saying is," IF YOU DON'T KNOW ASK!!"

Regards, Steve Lee

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37RAGTOPMAN    -- 03-01-2021 @ 9:00 AM
in my Genuine FORD PARTS BOOK 1949 1950
it has a treaded stud. nut and lock washer,
no bolt.
this adjustment stud contacts the end of the sector shaft for end play adjustment,
so replacing the bolt with a treaded stud and nut , and lock washer should be no problem
maybe someone took out the stud assembly and replaced it with a bolt, ?
either way this should have a way to lock it in so it does not back out,
hope this helps, let hear how you made out, 37Ragtopman

sarahcecelia    -- 03-01-2021 @ 12:07 PM
  Ragtopman- Mine is like yours; just a threaded stud with a nut on it to lock the adjustment is all I can see. I know full well what it does; Keeps the sector from moving up and down(in other words,"Takes the play out of the sector") but my question is, and was; "Can I take the lock nut off without that stud falling into the steering gear box, to put a lock washer on it?"

Regards, Steve Lee

37RAGTOPMAN    -- 03-01-2021 @ 2:02 PM
  Steve Lee
the top cover should be treaded to hold the stud in place there is no reason to remove the stud,
just back off the nut and replace the washer,
I think you may have a wear in the box, that is why the washer was removed to get a little extra adjustment on the end play of the sector shaft, ?
the stud has a special hardened end , because it rides on the end of sector shaft,
hope this helps, 37Ragtopman MAINE, I had a 1951 V8 back in the 1960's

sarahcecelia    -- 03-01-2021 @ 7:06 PM
  I thought that only the stud was threaded, and the nut, to make any adjustment to the play. (I previously installed a NEW SECTOR SHAFT , so it is not worn!!,) and there are enough threads there for a "STAR" washer; so I want to just take the nut off, add the STAR washer, replace the locking nut, re-adjust the stud, and tighten the nut. Now, Looking at the picture that you so kindly supplied, I now see that the cover is indeed THREADED!!! THANK YOU!!!

Regards, Steve Lee

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