Topic: Brake Drum 1936

Tobias80    -- 02-25-2021 @ 9:29 PM
  Hello Everybody
I need new brake drums for my Early V8 from 1936. Does anybody know where i can get them? (10.25 inch ring diameter for the wheelbolds)
Kind regards

TomO    -- 02-26-2021 @ 6:53 AM
  The wide 5 drums are difficult to find in usable condition. You might try a brake drum relining process to have cast irron liners installed in your drums. The process is more expensive than new drums for the later model cars.

This outfit only talks about relining aluminum drums, but at a swap meet the owner said that they could do cast iron drums.


v8er    -- 02-27-2021 @ 7:36 AM

You should show your location since brake drums are very heavy and expensive to ship. I have some, but you may be too far away. Do you need fronts or rears or all four? Have you measured the drums that you have?

Tobias80    -- 02-27-2021 @ 10:10 AM
  I am in Switzerland

Inner diameter is 305mm

My father did brake out a piece as he was disambling the brakes. We are currently checking to find somebody to repair them as we found it very difficult to find new parts.

We were very supriced to find it so difficult to find this part......

Tobias80    -- 02-27-2021 @ 10:11 AM
  Only Front needed...

kubes40    -- 02-27-2021 @ 1:55 PM
  Tobias, Mike Driskell has a PAIR on ebay at this very moment. He states they are mint. You can enjoy full trust with this man - ask anyone that knows him.
eBay item number:393157812715

Mike "Kube" Kubarth

Tobias80    -- 03-02-2021 @ 12:19 PM
  Thank you! I ordered them, waiting for the shipping quote.

Happy to have a solution so quick. Thank you all for you help.

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