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Nangeo    -- 02-23-2021 @ 2:58 PM
  are there any precaution before turning on radio after its been sitting forty years? its still in the car!
Thank you george v.

Steve Kennedy    -- 02-23-2021 @ 5:46 PM
  I hear it takes a while to warm up. Don't know how long.

fenbach    -- 02-23-2021 @ 7:34 PM
  i've worked on a number of ford radios from the 30s and feel pretty confident saying that the worst you can expect is to blow a fuse. watch the ammeter when you turn it on. the radio draws 4-5 amps. if you see more than that after a couple seconds, something is shorted out. time to end the experiment.
if the amperage is good, you should immediately hear a buzz or hum from the radio itself. that's the vibrator. keep going.
no buzz [or little amperage]- the vibrator is bad. if the radio itself is working at all, you should hear noise at least from the speaker within a minute.
BUT, even if the radio does work, don't leave it on for long. almost certainly, something in there will gradually over heat. as in start smoking.

wmsteed    -- 02-25-2021 @ 9:17 AM
  george v.. I would be very reluctant to power up a radio that has not been used for forty years. There are many components within the radio that are out of their service life, frayed wires, leaking capacitors, etc.,
I would suggest you take the radio out of the car and take it to a good radio repairman that is knowable with old tube type radios.
Be very careful attempting to have the radio upgraded to modern standards, FM, etc., a lot of the people that advertise that they rebuild old radio's want to modify everything to FM, MP3, etc.

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CaliforniaBorn36    -- 03-02-2021 @ 7:22 AM
  You may want to evaluate if the risk is even worth it if you have a concern. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have a working 1936 Ford in dash radio. There really isn't much to listen to on AM in the area. So if it is the same in your area, maybe don't even bother. I just use a bluetooth speaker and my iPhone for tunes if I desire.

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