Topic: 1932 Pickup Cowl Vent Lower Rain Gutter Trough

Fixin 32    -- 02-09-2020 @ 6:28 PM
  I just found out I will need the cowl vent lower rain gutter trough on my 1932 Pickup. Any suggestions on removal of the old one and install of the new one. I don't see any screws or bolts so I am doing some research before I tackle this one. Thanks Doug Parkland County Alberta

3w2    -- 02-09-2020 @ 6:51 PM
  I assume that you are replacing the trough because it is rusted out. Unfortunately, it is an integral part of the cowl and spot welded in place during the original construction of the body. There are two possible sources for a replacement, namely the people that make the Brookville roadster and deluxe coupe bodies and United Pacific who produce the standard coupe and pickup bodies. If I were a betting person, I'd wager that the one from United Pacific is truer to the original. The trough and the remainder of the '32 cowl vent is the same on all North American '32 bodies, however if the damage extends to the cowl vent and its hinges, etc., there is an early and late version of those components and they are not all interchangeable.

dobbr    -- 02-11-2020 @ 6:53 AM
  so I read with interest,, I have received and read thru the 35-36 ford book from this sites library Much useful and interesting information as it pertains to original details. Which leads me to a question on rain troughs, I read there is a drain hose attached to the trough, Do any of you have such drain hose?? I sure need one and am on the verge of fabricating such. sometimes a fellow just can't dodge the rain. And should not have to..
I have a 36 humpback have done away with the tilt out windshield due to sealing problems ,, but I wish to keep the vent

3w2    -- 02-12-2020 @ 6:10 PM
  The cowl vent drain tube is normally a part of the kit for the various grommets in the firewall, at least for '32-'34s.

Fixin 32    -- 02-20-2020 @ 8:43 AM
  Thank you Gentlemen for your suggestions. I never saw a tube coming off the gutter spout but I'll check out the firewall grommet kit.

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