Topic: How to install new reman cutout on my generator

KAS1954    -- 09-12-2019 @ 9:35 AM
  I just purchased a reman cutout for my 1 938 ford generator. The old one has BATT and ARM stamping on it but the new one doesn't. Just want to make sure I don’t install wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

kirkstad    -- 09-12-2019 @ 5:44 PM
  Not sure if this will help,but I just replaced the the cut out on my 36 which, according to my catalog, is basically the same for 32-38. The connections on mine look a little different,but with both the old and new one,when the unit is mounted on the generator and you were to look down from above, the script would read from left to right and the batt. term. would be the one on the pulley side.Looking at you pictures then, the the batt. terminal should be the one above the script. I've never seen one with no markings mine at least had a letter "B" for battery along with the script.

KAS1954    -- 09-14-2019 @ 7:32 AM
  Would you be able to tell me which is the battery thermal, the prong or the acre end? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

MG    -- 09-14-2019 @ 7:52 AM
  The "acre end"....

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