Topic: collapsed upper radiator hoses

mfirth    -- 08-24-2019 @ 3:52 PM
  My upper rad. hoses collapse as my 8BA cools after running. Open the cap & they pop back to shape.
Never noticed this piease. THANKS in advance ! mike

40cpe    -- 08-24-2019 @ 5:35 PM
  The radiator should take in air through the overflow tube as the coolant cools/shrinks. If you have a pressure cap, check it. If no pressure cap, suspect a blocked overflow tube. You don't happen to have one of Skips 3# pressure valves, do you?

mfirth    -- 08-25-2019 @ 4:40 AM
  Thanks 40cpe. I don't have Skips 3# valve. I'll check the cap, it's been there 4 a few years.
Thanks again, just never encountered this before. mike

37RAGTOPMAN    -- 08-25-2019 @ 11:23 AM
  hi mfirth
soft hoses could also cause this, if there is no wire spiral inside hoses
can you collapse the hoses by hand ?
I would refill the coolant, while the engine is running, when warm,
put the cap on and check for leaks, see if there is any loss
do you have a coolant pressure pump, you can also check the cap with one of these,
[ one of the handiest tools ever ]
if you do try adding a few lbs to the coolant system and see if you can see any leaks,
keep a eye on the gauge and see if it drops,
might be a very small leak and it that happens over time,
hope this helps, 37Ragtopman

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