Topic: Chicago mechanic

137543    -- 07-16-2019 @ 6:07 AM
  I have my Dad's 1938 sedan that I'd like to dust off and start driving again.
Does anyone know of a mechanic near O'Hare, Chicago, Indiana, Southwest Michigan that could replace / adjust the mechanical brakes and replace the throwout bearing? I'd be willing to trailer it farther for a happy outcome.
Thanks in advance, Ken

rustedorrotting    -- 07-17-2019 @ 6:21 AM
  are you a purist? if you don't want to keep the car original, i would suggest getting 40 hydraulic brakes. i used to work at O hare and i have done mechanical brakes on a 34 chevrolet. now i live in Michigan, so not much help. good luck.

4dFordSC    -- 07-18-2019 @ 4:15 AM
  Suggest you contact the club's Northern Illinois Regional Group for suggestions. Their contact information is listed in the Regional Club Directory on the left side of the screen.

mfirth    -- 07-18-2019 @ 4:21 AM
  Times 2 on what 4dfordsc said. Also, i have a friend with a 38 that still has mech. brakes. If someone knows how to correctly adjust them, they work just fine. His stops GR8. You might also try "The Ford Barn" to find someone near you. Good luck, have fun, & be blessed. mike

137543    -- 07-27-2019 @ 6:35 AM
  Were you an aircraft mechanic at ORD and where in Michigan do you live? Dad's place is in Allegan Mi. and the father in law is in Fennville. I can trailer the car if you'd be interested.

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