Topic: 1948 Ford 4 bladed fan hydraulic drive on 59 A-B

therunwaybehind    -- 05-03-2019 @ 8:43 PM
  The original fan drive appears to have a curlique turbine in a small cannister as a fluid drive in the hub. ?? Does anyone still have one of these? I no longer have a real metal flathead since 1976 and do my Early Ford understandings with 3D computer graphics. I can show what is in the hub if anyone really wishes to probe. This is where I met my Ford in 1955, one of the mechanics had his personal car in the back room of the dealership because the fan had gone into the radiator. part 21A 8639 for 42-48 pass (8cyl) comm, truck (8 cyl) 42-47 the name is "Spindle & impeller assy (fan hub)

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supereal    -- 05-04-2019 @ 2:29 PM
  The original oil filled hub depended on a dipper and a corkscrew shaft to maintain an oil film. The hub doesn't have anything resembling bearings or bushings. Originally the factory required filling the hub reservoir with motor oil. Later that was revised to call for "transmission oil", but the fan blade decal wasn't changed. After two hubs failed, we devised a hub using two sealed ball bearings. That was about 15 years ago, and it is still trouble free. The usual outcome of fan hub failure is a ruined radiator and/or hood damage, plus having to be towed in.    -- 05-15-2019 @ 11:06 PM
  Mine seized up a couple of months ago and had to be towed home. I replaced it with an oilless fan hub from MAC's Auto. It comes unpainted in natural metal; but a little bit of masking and some black engine enamel took care of it. So far, so far so good!

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