Topic: 1940 steering wheel removal

russ40standard    -- 02-07-2019 @ 7:47 AM
  Need to replace the upper steering column bearing in my 40 Ford Standard Sedan. After I remove the horn button, the horn wire is attached to a "bell" shaped deal that fits over the nut that holds the steering wheel on it's shaft. Do I have to detach this wire at the bottom of the steering box and pull the wire out from the top, or can I press the wire out of the "bell" that it is attached to and remove the bell?

trjford8    -- 02-07-2019 @ 7:54 AM
  Disconnect the wire at the bottom of the column and pull it up inside. Keep a rag handy and wrap around the wire as it will be oily and greasy when it comes out. Put some old towels on the front seat just to be safe.

TomO    -- 02-07-2019 @ 7:25 PM
  For easy replacement, tie a string around the bottom of the wire. Pull the string through, untie the wire remove the steering wheel, replace the bushing with a bearing, put the steering wheel back on and then tie the string back on the wire so you can pull it back through


russ40standard    -- 02-11-2019 @ 3:17 PM
  Great idea. I was wondering how to feed a wire back into the tunnel it came out of.

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