Topic: 1946 pickup

Blue    -- 01-19-2023 @ 4:24 PM
  How can i remove the instrument cluster from the dash as i need to fix the fuel gauge as the carboard on the back has bowed and the needle can not register how much fuel is in the tank.

alanwoodieman    -- 01-20-2023 @ 4:44 PM
  there are four small studs on the back of the dash board holding the cluster to the dash-plus wiring to each gauge and the speedometer cable that unscrews. the gauges can be removed from the cluster by removing two screws on each gauge. there is no cardboard but a metal gauge face and you need to press the face back toward the gauge to remove pressure from the needle

Blue    -- 01-22-2023 @ 11:52 AM
  Thank you for the reply to my queery i will have a try to fix my problem

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