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Plslack    -- 10-15-2022 @ 11:41 AM
  I’m looking for some guidance. I’ve owned this vehicle for twenty years. The engine is worn out and not feasible to be rebuilt. I want to make this vehicle a daily driver for my wife. Any suggestions would be helpful. I would like to find out what kind of process have been used by others. Need To go to hydraulic brakes and power steering. Would like to keep as much of the stock frame as possible. Not looking to make it a hot rod or a rat rod just a safe daily driver. My email or cell 425 359 5807.

1937 Ford Pickup V/8 60 Hp
Thanks in advance Patric

1931 Flamingo    -- 10-20-2022 @ 6:40 AM
  You might want to ask this question either on the HAMB or the FordBarn...............

Paul in CT

trjford8    -- 10-20-2022 @ 7:13 AM
  Patric, if you enable your private messages for this forum I can send you some info on what you will need to do.

rustedorrotting    -- 12-12-2022 @ 3:07 PM
  My neighbor in California put a 40 on a Ford Ranger standard bed 2 wheel drive frame made mounts and got the best of both worlds. Automatic, front disc brakes, power steering, a/c. you might look into it. Myself, I like original. Well almost.

carcrazy    -- 12-12-2022 @ 9:18 PM
  If you are willing to do the work required to convert the vehicle to an open driveline, an excellent choice for a powerplant would be the Ford Vulcan 3.0L V-6 Engine from a 1991 to 2008 Ford Ranger Pickup. This engine features a weight of 400 pounds as compared to the 375 pounds of the original Ford V8-60 engine.
The Vulcan is a virtually bulletproof engine which features a cast iron cylinder block and heads. If you want a manual transmission, look for a Ranger that has the Mazda 5-Speed manual from the factory. All Vulcans feature Electronic Fuel Injection so be sure to get the EEC-IV electronic control unit, wiring harness, all of the sensors and actuators from the same vehicle as the engine. The 1992 and later Vulcan engines have roller lifters so can use the modern multigrade motor oils which don't have the ZDDP additives required by flat tappet engines.
These engines produce 140 HP or more and 160 Lb-Ft or more torque. Expect to obtain adequate power, excellent fuel economy and great reliability. If given proper care and maintenance, these engines will easily achieve a service life of 200K miles.

37RAGTOPMAN    -- 12-22-2022 @ 9:13 AM
  hi Plslack
that is quite a undertaking,
I would do a cost analysis before tearing the whole truck apart, way harder to put back together,
I would find another engine, even a 85 Engine and trans,, ir is a easy bolt it, way easier and will retain it value
and they are available, 37 to 48 bolt in even 49 to 53 FORD and MERCURT 125 HP
but I guess you have a lot of time and money go ahead, and if you have the expertise
what makes you think the 60hp can not be rebuilt ? the 60 hp transmission is smaller then the 85-95 hp trans
ASLO the 60 hp cars had thinner chassis, wheels were narrower, smaller radiator outlets, trans was smaller and has most likely a different ratio in the rear end, also I may have missed a few,

MY 2 CENTS 37Ragtopman ,Maine

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