Topic: rear fenders

rustedorrotting    -- 08-15-2022 @ 9:54 AM
  will 1940 car rear fenders fit on a 41 1/2 ton pickup

51504bat    -- 08-15-2022 @ 11:53 AM
Don't take this to the bank but I believe the answer is no. P/U fenders that aren't all beat up from being on a truck for 80 + years are nearly impossible to find.
Repros are only available in fiberglass so if steel car fenders would work more owners would be using them. Also, car fenders don't have the spare tire dimple. Some hot rodders go to so lengths to remove the dimple so if car fenders would work they would certainly use them.

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rustedorrotting    -- 08-15-2022 @ 12:03 PM
  you are absolutely correct. Also the truck fenders have a joggle to meet the bed side contour. Guess i will have to redo mine

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