Topic: Key tumbler removal?

Jeepbut    -- 07-28-2022 @ 7:29 PM
  How do you remove the key tumbler? Previous owner drilled out where the key is. Currently has a small wrench stuck in the column to keep the rod from locking the steering column. I would like to remove the rod that locks the steering column. I can get it to move but the toggle switch moves up slightly and stops. How can I remove the toggle swicth? Has switch moved to dash and switch behind toggle switch is removed already. Thanks.

trjford8    -- 07-29-2022 @ 7:35 AM
  There's a pin on the underside to the column bracket. It's just below the lock cylinder. The pin needs to be drilled out or you can use a small drill and then a slide hammer to pull out the pin.

Jeepbut    -- 07-29-2022 @ 2:24 PM
  I think I described the wrong thing. The key tumbler is already out. I need instructions on getting the locking mechanism out. I need to remove the rod that locks the steering column. It's the one that the on/off switch goes through. It needs to come upward out of the column. Thanks.

rustedorrotting    -- 07-30-2022 @ 10:23 AM
  I just went through this on my 41 1/2 ton. My truck is a very rare 3 on the column and of course the switches are not the same. If you send me a picture maybe i can help. I had to hand make some of the pieces.

Jeepbut    -- 07-31-2022 @ 4:02 PM
  Figured it out. Thanks.

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