Topic: 47 Pickup Cab to Frame Wood/Hardware

rawlir    -- 08-01-2019 @ 7:02 PM
Can anyone share info on cab wood to frame questions as well as info on the bolts, etc to secure to the frame?


Rick Rawlings
425 766 7408

mhsprecher    -- 08-04-2019 @ 6:41 PM
  I could look at my truck, but I am away and won't be back for a week.

rawlir    -- 08-05-2019 @ 6:41 AM
  Thank you!
I have installed mine, i THINK i have it right but:
Wondering why the middle block on both sides has a hole in it when there is no bolt hole in the bottom of the cab to accomodate it? With no bolt what keeps the wood block in place, it would seem vibration might make it work out of position and/or fall out.
Where might someone get new bolts, springs, etc?



trjford8    -- 08-05-2019 @ 4:56 PM
  Rick, check with Michael Driskell in Tennessee(V-8 Club Prez). He sells parts and might have some of those Roy Nacewicz bolts.

Canadian ford    -- 01-27-2020 @ 3:42 PM
  Rick the middle block with holes are held in place by a screw thru the floor near the gas tank

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