Topic: 1952 V8 upgrade

F1-Fred    -- 07-10-2019 @ 4:00 AM
  I would guess that the 226 six cylinder was the standard engine in a 52 F1 and that getting the 239 flathead V8 would have been considered an upgrade. If this is true, does anyone know what the cost to upgrade would be?

37RAGTOPMAN    -- 07-15-2019 @ 1:30 PM
  there is a lot of difference,
RADIATOR for one,
finding a 239 ENGINE at a reasonable price, that is running , or rebuilt,
a donor truck will be the ticket,
and a host of other items, fuel lines, gas pedal linkage most likely , EXHAUST PARTS. Manifolds,
I have a 53 MERC 155 cubic inches, 4 inch crankshaft, 8CM engine, that need rebuilding or overhaul,,, I am almost sure,
you can PM me if interested,
my 2 cents 37RAGTOPMAN in MAINE, I GO to HERSHEY in OCT

51f1    -- 08-19-2019 @ 5:23 PM
  In 1952, it would have cost about $20 for the optional V-8.


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