Topic: 1946 1 ton truck, Battery ground

JeffKaiser    -- 06-14-2019 @ 12:39 PM
  I bought a 1946 Ford 1 ton truck in Montana several years ago. At the time the truck battery had a positive ground. I had trouble with the truck starting and took it to a shop. They got the truck running but said the battery should be negative grounded and made the change. I think they were wrong. I have a 42 to 48 shop manual which does no make it clear which way the battery should be grounded.
I would appreciate any help.

Thanks, Jeff

cliftford    -- 06-14-2019 @ 5:39 PM
  You are correct. All 6volt fords from model a's on were positive ground' Your mechanic was uninformed.

TomO    -- 06-14-2019 @ 5:52 PM
  You will have to reverse the cables and polarize the charging system by removing the field wire from the regulator and touching it to the Battery terminal on the regulator.

If they changed the coil wires, you will have to switch them back also. If the coil has + and - markings, the + terminal goes to the dist.


CharlieStephens    -- 06-14-2019 @ 8:55 PM
  Does the ammeter show discharge when you turn on the lights with the motor not running? If it does they changed the wires? Ask them what all they did, just don't tell them you are looking for a new mechanic. Join a local chapter of the Early Ford V8 Club? Add your general location to your profile and maybe someone can recommend a mechanic.

Charlie Stephens

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