Topic: 1941 Ford Pickup Transmission

fordtruck41    -- 01-04-2019 @ 10:37 AM
  I have a 1941 Ford pickup with stock 3 speed transmission and 6 cylinder flathead engine When I downshift to first gear I have to double clutch or
be completly stopped so as to not grind the first gear. Just wonder if this is normal for the 1941 pickup transmission or is there a problem with the transmission first gear. Otherwise trans shifts fine.

CharlieStephens    -- 01-04-2019 @ 12:45 PM
  Normal, I don't remember being able to downshift to first without grinding until the sixties.

Charlie Stephens

carcrazy    -- 01-04-2019 @ 12:51 PM
  The Ford three-speed transmissions of this era have synchromesh on second and third gears but not on first gear. The symptoms you describe are normal.

fordtruck41    -- 01-06-2019 @ 1:49 PM
  Thanks for the info. Not a big problem. Does anybody know why Ford did not add syncro gear to first gear?

mhsprecher    -- 02-04-2019 @ 6:14 PM
  My 56 Chevy didn't have synchronized first geat. As some said, most cars didn't have synchronized first gear until the 60's. Either they hadn't invented it or it cost too much

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