Topic: radio and ash tray

Lenny    -- 10-21-2018 @ 11:24 AM
  Did the 1937 PU come with an optional radio? If so, was there an ash try under it?
I bought a radio at Hershey this fall, wondering if it
came with an ash tray and where could I find one?

trjford8    -- 10-24-2018 @ 7:39 AM
  To my knowledge there was no radio for the '37 Ford pickup. There may have been an aftermarket radio for the pickup and an aftermarket ash tray, but they were not Ford accessories.

chask    -- 06-12-2019 @ 6:10 AM
  Just as a point of interest, I have a 1937 Pickup and installed a 1936 model Truetone aftermarket radio (see Pictures). Not sure if this is how it would be installed but since aftermarket was the only way to get a radio in a truck I just guessed. I changed out all the caps and some resistors and installed an aux input (with the help of old tube radio forums) so I could play old radio shows thru the Truetone. The radio works great except when the engine is running because I haven’t installed all the filters needed to stop the engine interference. It was a fun project so good luck with yours.


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