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Jim44    -- 01-10-2018 @ 6:32 PM
  New guy here, greetings to all from cold and salty Wisconsin. Cut my teeth (and a lot of other human parts) on a 47 coupe. Have now come upon a 1936 flatbed truck with heavy springs and dual rear wheels. S/N on frame is BB 183062278. Known history and appearance says it is all original, no chopped wires, tubing, welds or obvious modifications. Would appreciate any help in identifying the correct model ID and info on how this vehicle fits into the EFV-8 Club? Also wondering about common parts between it and other Fords of this era. Is the Club book on the 36 going to be helpful with this truck? Are there better places I should be looking for guidance? Goal is to get it back in operation working with what I have now. Have freed up the stuck V-8 85 and had Bubba do the distributor. In Spring we will see if it fires up. Any information or suggestions will be welcome. When I get up to speed here I will post a picture. It is in the original Vermillion Red with a company name lettered on the doors.

nelsb01    -- 01-10-2018 @ 9:26 PM
According to information in James Wagner's Ford Trucks Since 1905 -- you have a model 51 Ford truck. Now, any other information depends on the length of your wheel base. Is it a 131 1/2 inch or 157 inch wheel base? Then is it a stake bed or dump? There are several types of model 51 trucks.
The book says that model 51 Ford trucks were powered by the 221 cubic inch V-8.
As far as the Club's 1935-1936 Ford Book, most likely the only chapter that would be of help would be the chapter on the engine. The rest of the book deals with the 112 inch wheel base passenger car.
This information should help some what. Once you find the wheel base -- then you can also find the type of model 51.
There are a couple of large truck members out there and they probably will add to this.
I do suggest that you become a member of the Club, if you haven't already. Being a member will get you our award winning magazine, The V-8 TIMES , and access to our truck Tech Advisor who will be able to answer more of your questions.

Jim44    -- 01-11-2018 @ 8:38 PM
  Thanks for the quick response! I should have mentioned that I have the 131.5 inch wheelbase. Also, it is a stake or flatbed and I did join this organization last year. I will check the book you mentioned and as more complicated questions arise, I will be in touch with the Heavy Commercial advisor as you suggest. Meantime, I wonder if anyone can tell me if body and interior parts interchange with the 1936 pickup truck? Thanks in advance for taking time to help.

nelsb01    -- 01-11-2018 @ 9:32 PM
  The majority of the interior cab parts are the same as a pickup. (handles, gauges, knobs, etc)
Front fenders are not.
Headlight buckets are the same, as is the grille.

I am sure there are a few other things that are also.

Jim44    -- 01-13-2018 @ 9:51 PM
  Thanks again nelsb01.

Mudflap    -- 01-03-2019 @ 7:12 PM
  Hey Jim44. I have a 35 and a 36 1&1/2 ton ford truck. Be glad to help you out. From Wis. also.

Mudflap    -- 01-03-2019 @ 7:13 PM
  Hey Jim44. I have a 35 and a 36 1&1/2 ton ford truck. Be glad to help you out. From Wis. also.

wmsteed    -- 03-09-2019 @ 10:44 AM
  I have been an off/on member of the EFV8 Club since it's was started in the 1960's and a contributor to the Forum for over ten years.
I recently stumbled into a very interesting truck, a '36 Ford heavy stake bed that needed a new home. The truck appears to be dead stock, arrow straight with no rust-out. The faded dark green paint, with black fenders, similar to phone company/army green appears to be original, however, the chassis is a very faded red.
The engine in the truck is a 59AB with 4 spd trans and a 2 spd rear axle that is shifted via a lever on the floor adjacent to the left cowl. The service brakes are hydraulic with aux air brakes controlled by a device mounted to the dash. I think the air brakes are for trailer pulling because I could not find an air over hydraulic attachment.
The suspension really through me, hydraulics on a '36, very HD rear parallel springs and typical Ford traverse mounted front suspension.
I was suspect of the S/N on the truck, BB18319XXXX until I read JM44's tread and noted his S/N . BB18036XXXX
I'll post some pix of the truck in a few days.

36 5 win delx cpe

therunwaybehind    -- 05-06-2019 @ 4:39 AM
  My grandfather owned these trucks as long as I knew him from 1946 until I left home in 1965 and then in 1978, I met his latest in the ownership of my uncle where he set me straight on one thing, the GVW and rear helper springs. He bought a new chassis every six years on an off cycle with a new panel truck half way through that he also kept for 6 years. The big truck was always a Ford with 16-1/2 inch wheels, dual on the rear. The interior of the cab was spartan with only one sunvisor and no arm rests. The interior headliner was steel. The GVW was that of a 7-ton with the helper springs and posted prominently with a New York required white text panel on each door. It had top of fender blinkers and turn signals and roof tear drop clearance lights, legally required. The four-speed transmission shifter had an auxiliary 2-speed rear end control as a red snap up button to engage control which I met as electric. This got used every trip back from Rochester, New York warehouses with a full load of linoleum, asphalt and cork tile and general merchandise and meat. The rear stakes were not typical waist-high, but rather tall to above the cab. He never used a tail gate and had a canvas tarpaulin with rope ties to positions on the stakes in case of rain. The first one I ever saw was the 1946 but I have a photograph from 1915 of what I have been told is a Model-T but looks like it must have a heavier Dodge rear end, not dual wheel. The panel alternated based on bids between Dodge and Ford later. The last Ford panel I remember is a 1951. Something I did not know in the early days was this truck also had a power takeoff on the transmission and a hydraulic cylinder to tilt the flatbed like a dump truck to assist off loading heavy carpet rolls directly onto a ramp into the basement of his store.

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  I have a 36 truck model 51 and the wiring is all messed up, where can I find a wiring diagram,?

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Model51    -- 08-11-2019 @ 7:49 AM
Did you get the answers and information you needed for your 1936 truck? I've been researching the Model 51 at the Ford archives and own a '35 157" stake and a '36 panel truck. I have most of the sales literature, 100's of parts drawings and more information. Let me know if you need any information or assistance. Glad to help out another Model 51 truck owner.

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