Topic: Vin location on a 1947 Mercury convert. car

Displayman    -- 08-08-2022 @ 8:25 AM
  I can't find the vin number on our 1947 Merc. convert. Checked the driver's side frame rail.
Used a brass brush to remove paint, no number. We have another 47 Merc. convert, and the number is on
the driver's side frame rail. I checked the trans slot , and found another vin number from 1946.
appreciate any thoughts or ideas. Thanks, Bob(Displayman) Hampshire, Ill.

trjford8    -- 08-09-2022 @ 7:04 AM
  Did you check the entire top of the left rail from cowl mount to past the front crossmember? I have seen those numbers go past the front crossmember.

Displayman    -- 08-28-2022 @ 8:08 AM
  Thanks for your input.


Displayman    -- 08-28-2022 @ 8:54 AM
  Found the vin number in the front location like you had said.
A BIG thank you, again.


trjford8    -- 08-29-2022 @ 7:05 AM
  You are welcome and glad you found it.

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