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merc5340    -- 07-26-2022 @ 12:56 AM
  Hi All
I am trying to figure out the colors of the top of door metal trim on open 40 mercury's. cars. I think mine has been painted a metallic brown and the dash was painted woodgrain which I am sure is wrong. I'm working on replacing plastic parts with the correct dark blue, but leaving the handles chrome (I think that might be OK for an open car?) I've scoured sales brochures but it is tough to see the colors. My seats are natural / brown and so is the top. Anyone have any ideas?
Thank you!

Rockfla    -- 07-26-2022 @ 6:42 AM
  I know the dash is a silver/blue metallic color, slightly more blue than silver. I'm not sure about the door trim pieces??

Rockfla    -- 07-26-2022 @ 6:47 AM
  Here is a quick picture I found although, to me, this one is a little more silver than blue BUT with lighting, camera angles etc etc its hard to definitively say BUT should get you close to what it should be!!!

TomO    -- 07-27-2022 @ 4:35 PM
  The door moldings are straight oak wood grain , the dash is Seamist Metallic - M-1793

I color matched my dash paint from a glove box door that had never seen the sun. There is a photo of it in this topic:

Here is a photo of the dash that I restored for the EFV-8 Foundation Museum. Due to Covid restrictions and personal health considerations, it is still hanging in my basement.


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merc5340    -- 07-28-2022 @ 9:54 PM
  TomO Thank you so much! I have seen pictures of just about every possible color combination so, just like my initial challenges trying to find a car with a close to original drivetrain and configuration, attempting to stay true to what the original colors and experience of driving this car is pretty tough.

TomO    -- 08-02-2022 @ 7:46 PM
  Right now that is the best that I can do. I may be able to help out more in early winter. The color does not photograph well. It has a green cast that can only be seen in sunlight.

Chrome handles were available for the Sedan Coupe and the open cars. The escutcheons were also chrome when the handles were chrome.

The top should be either black or a light tan.

Did you receive my PM?


merc5340    -- 08-22-2022 @ 7:30 PM
  Hey - maybe?
I took the glove box apart and found what I think is original paint. Here’s a picture with outdoor light and one with indoor lights
Seems pretty close!
(Prior owner painted dash “wood grain “.)

Rockfla    -- 08-23-2022 @ 5:22 AM
  Based on your first photo it looks to be just about right to me. That would be a good spot to color match as it has not seen sunlight!!! Your second photo, the angle and lighting shows as "silver" to me!!!!

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merc5340    -- 09-10-2022 @ 8:32 PM
  I took your advice and removed the glove box door-voila there was an untouched swatch of the sea mist color. I’m working with a local paint company to match the color. The small amount of metal flake is hard to make, they tell me. Also, how glossy should it be? Same question for the midnight blue- semi gloss? Any thoughts?
Thanks- this is like a grown up Easter egg hunt!

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