Topic: 1949 Mercury Upholstery

JPSteele    -- 09-08-2020 @ 11:56 AM
  I'm looking for material to reupholster my front seat. What SMS shows on their website is not correct. Does anyone have any sources?

TomO    -- 09-09-2020 @ 7:45 AM
  Did you ask SMS for a sample of the material that you need? They don't have all of their inventory on the website.


JPSteele    -- 09-12-2020 @ 7:19 AM
  Hi Tom,
SMS did send a sample but it is not even close. I have sent them a photo, but haven't heard back. Gene N. suggest Bill Hirsch who I had not thought about and yesterday I sent them a half a dozen pictures and now I'm waiting to here back from them. I suspect this will take a few days but don't know. Thank you for your input.
For now there is a thin grey wool blanket that on the front seat that probably has been there fifty years plus that will continue to work. The car had been in a metal Quonset since 1972. In July it saw it's first daylight in 47-48 years.

TomO    -- 09-13-2020 @ 7:39 AM
  SMS has been buying up original fabric from suppliers who wanted to retire, so they have the largest inventory. There was an outfit in MI that had a lot of FOMOCO cloth patterns and they were bought out buy SMS about 10 years ago.

Check around for local upholstery shops that do a lot of antique car work, one of them may know of a supplier. Take a sample or drive the car over, so they can see what you are looking for.

I think that you will have to do both seats to get a good match. I have some NOS material for the seat on my Lincoln, but I will not use it as the current cloth has faded and the NOS doesn't match.


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