Topic: Stripped threads-inlet fuel side -Holley f885

Tracker    -- 08-01-2019 @ 2:30 PM
  Had a small gas drip from the inlet fuel side of the Holleyf885 on my 1951 Mercury. When tightened , it got worse and sprayed fuel. Removed carb to see that the threads have been stripped 1/2 down into the seat. Can't junk this carb as it worked perfectly before this happened.

Can some one advise me how to repair this ...would a heli coil work ...this appears to be 1/2-24 thread hole. Not a machinist so lay it out for me if you can.

Thanks as always

ken ct.    -- 08-01-2019 @ 3:23 PM
  Its a trouble spot on these carbs.Never found a good solution for it. I have 2 almost complete cores and 1 base section and a bunch of small internal parts and gaskets you can have for the shipping most likely approx. $25 . One of the 3 bases should be a good replacement for your bad one. The problem is in the cast aluminum base and could be changed for a better one. ken Isidor 55 woodland park Shelton ct. 06484 1-203-260-9780 cell

TomO    -- 08-02-2019 @ 4:56 PM
  A Helicoil will not work. The only fix that I have seen work is to have the hole drilled out,tapped for an insert and an insert installed with a sealer type glue. Take Ken's offer as having a machine shop install the insert will be way more than the shipping cost.


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Tracker    -- 08-03-2019 @ 11:08 AM
  Thank you Ken and Tom for your advice & expertise to fix the 885 Carb is what a Navy engineer came up with and it worked like a charm.

We simply cut the top 1/8 of the fuel inlet off to be flush with the top of the base...the threads were stripped about half down in the inlet...when we did this it eliminated most but not all of the stripped threads and the brass fitting re- connected as before. We used Devcon as a back up glue on the threads since this area is not under pressure. No leaks after 36 hours.

Then after the fact, we found Quadra Jet on line which had all the proper fittings for the 885 Holley. including the inlet fittings.

Tracker    -- 08-04-2019 @ 11:23 AM
As a follow up for others dealing with stripped threads on the Holley 885 :

The thread sealer used was Devcon Metal Patch

The inlet fuel top attached to the body of the 885 is plained flush with the base top..if the brass inlet is not stripped it will catch and thread as before only less ///the Devcon sealer took about 12 hours to set up completely and drys to a gray color. It is as hard as steel and gasoline proof. No leaks after a road test of an hour.

Probably an unconventional approach but worked for this application . If parts are needed for the 885 Holley , Quadrajet Carb Parts has everything needed to rebuild this antiquated beast of a carburetor. Many thanks again to Tom & Ken for their willingness to help find a solution to this issue.


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