Topic: 50 Mercury stock seat measurement please

RAND    -- 07-08-2019 @ 7:00 PM
  I just got my front seat re upholstered and it feels like the living room sofa now. Lots of cushion now, so much that i have trouble getting my average size leg under the steering wheel when I get in. It measures 4" from the top of the seat cushion to the bottom of the steering wheel.
Can someone with a stock seat please measure what you have? I'm thinking that I may need to take it back and have some of the foam removed?
Thank you in advance,

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TomO    -- 07-17-2019 @ 8:58 AM
  Hi Randy,

I haven't answered your question because I do not have a 50 Mercury to measure the seat clearance.

I measured my 53 Lincoln and the distance is 5" and on my 40 Merc the distance is 5.5" My Lincoln seat has never bee reupholstered.

I could not find any factory specs for seat height for the 1949-1951 Lincoln or Mercury. Looking at the line drawings in the V-8 Album for the pre-WWII cars, 6" seems to be standard.


RAND    -- 07-18-2019 @ 7:12 PM
  Thank you Tom!

sarahcecelia    -- 07-20-2019 @ 8:02 AM
  4" is awfully close! I think that my 1950 Ford sedan has between 5" an 6".Like Tom, I think it is over padded!

Regards, Steve Lee

oldfordman    -- 09-10-2019 @ 12:51 PM
  Sorry my 2 cents is late, first time on the forum lately.
Just measured my '49 mercury, its about 5 1/2 '', so i'm guessing yours is a little overstuffed.
Regards and good luck,

56MarkII    -- 09-29-2019 @ 10:00 AM
  My poor old 1950 Mercury seat is "sat out" so a measurement wouldn't be accurate! Just a possible dumb idea but after a number of years (35+) I finally realized the bottom seat cushion is just dropped or set into the outer seat frame like my 56 Continental?? Is it possible it isn't fully seated down. In the frame?

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